Monday, September 10, 2007


Closing Comments

I've been out of pocket all day, not really giving a fuck about the market or you. I suspect there will be little change in the market, until the Fed meeting on the 18th.

Looking at some of my positions, I see UNG spiked hard, despite dire warnings of "mafia rigged pricing" in the comments section of this site. God willing, my weatherman will inform me of a pending "hurricane of happiness," which will send UNG back to $50.

Also, iiG shit the shower, and is now at its do or die line in the sand. MVIS is boring the feathers off my Voodoo Doctor's pet chickens and AZZ is done.

On the bright side, AAPL, RIMM, FXI, LEH, OEH, SNDK, LNN, GME and HANS look "Fly worthy."

In short, over the next few weeks, I will have to rebalance my portfolios to reflect the current environment. This means, biting the bullet, taking some losses-- and initiating new positions that better suit a slow growth environment.

In the meantime, I am going to the gym. You know, to work off the fat cat days of early 2007. As you know, "The Fly" despises fat people, so it makes lots of sense not becoming one.

Like I said, UNG, LONG TERM only.

This is a good article.

You are playing with fire short term.

I like that line.
Don't tell me what I'm playing with, fucker.
Give us some more takeout plays like HLT and stop fucking with UNG. You continue on like you have blown out on a Natural Gas trade.
I agree UNG can fucking rip your teeth out and use them to fix grandmas dentures. One of the reasons I decided to hedge this move today. The high over the gulf is not letting the "canes of death" in the door thus keeping Natty down. Not to mention this was a total technical level today which if broken to the upside will send UNG flying. However should it fail it will be a short term double top on the last 5 days chart.

Aside from that gayness I also bought puts on GS for protection and shorted LAZy for the same reasons Broker pointed out. I am looking forward to tomorrow and will probably buy more C should it fall under 45 again.
Whenever Crude sees UNG posted, uncontrollably, he twitches and starts yelling out loud his "mafia controlled pricing" theories.
Broker A --

"AZZ is done"

sell or hold? Seems the momo players have left, yet fundies still look good.
Well thats all you guys ever fucking talk about all day because it's up 3% one day, then down 5% the next. Everyone seems to want a piece of the action, and I am just advising people they shouldn't mess with it. I'll quit.

I don't have any rumors right now. But check out FSN.

EPD insiders still buying shares.

ABAT, insane.

GHM, CLN, and KNOL are aalso worth watching.
Hey Crude, what do you think of OKS? I own this one from the low $50s.
Problem is Crude, you never tell anyone WHY they shouldnt mess with UNG, just that they shouldnt. Why is it so damn dangerous?

With crazy Mexicans running around blowing pipelines up, could get interesting
AZZ done? don't think so. only chart watching fools are getting ready to hate sell that thing
fuck nat gas ... all you UNG longs got lucky with this pipeline sabotage .. thats the only way nat gas can go up now besides the day to day volatility ... cooler than normal summer, alternate energy (solar in particular ) , housing peaked, economy done for now ... natty is cooked w/o terrorism .. heading lower & I don't know shit .. better places to gamble
GRMN through the Chrostmas season has traditionally been a good idea. Nuvis make great gifts.

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
there will be another selloff in this market ... I think GRMN sees 95
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