Thursday, September 13, 2007


Closing Comments

Wow, what a rally. Makes me ponder if there is a correlation between religion and bullishness on the brokers.

As you know, there was a fucking monster rally in the financials, as GS, CFC, NFI and MS led the charge.

Unfortunately, I am being beaten like a shoplifter in Iran, being short LAZ. However, as always, I will "stay the course" and average in when needed.

In addition to the financials, the metals and retailers took off, as if there is no such thing as a "credit crunch."

Despite the markets recent run, keep a note on your monitor, to remind you how much pain you felt when it was going lower. Then, get up and drink a few shot's of "rich man's whiskey," while devouring a 2 1/2 inch rib eye, heavily salted--lightly peppered.

NOTE: I hope Greenspan gets up and pimp smacks Maria Bartiromo tomorrow, exclaiming: "bitch, don't you ask me about 1987 or 2000."

crude broker I sent you the e-mail
so check your blocked e-mail
Closing comments call for closing eye candy.

Yo Kerouac. Stop deleting your posts, you paranoid nut.

I don't even know what you replied when I asked you how you went from hippy to accountant.
Michelle Wie's career was so mishandled by her parents, agents, and David Leadbetter that its almost a crime. She avoided playing in the AJGA (Amer. Junior Golf Assoc.) as a junior and that was one of the bigger mistakes. Even Tiger played AJGA and that is where he learned to win. I don't think Wie has won anything in several years. She would've found good competition in AJGA and at that time there were at least a half dozen girls who could beat her. Wie had the media spin machine.
That aside, she's a major babe.

So there's always the Anna Kournikova route.
Microvision to Present at Maxim Group Growth Conference on September 20th

I was a member of the AJGA back in the day and I agree 100% with your assessment of Michele Wie. I never had any better competition than the AJGA outside of the USJA. It's a shame she chose to focus on playing against men via the PGA tour instead of preparing herself for the next level. She's young and I'm sure she will right herself in time.
Cheesefries-AJGA was a great opportunity for my son and by the time he was a senior in high school he was being recruited by about fifteen D1 colleges.
Fuck yesterday's truce. Again I call bullshit on you, you master of bullshit. How's LLNW treating you? How about IIG and SRS? Let me guess? You're up$ 2.2% today and 40% YTD. Here's a new symbol for you. LMFAO. joker.
Is she 18 yet or what?!
LLNW is not treating me well.

iiG and SRS are punching my balls off.

Everything else is gravy.

Still up nearly 30%, ytd.

Now, go blow a goat.

how are those 5k shares of LLNW you bought cocksucker. You are bashing our boy FLY because you are a piker. diversify you dumbass.
Nice to see that Lucent is still the ebola of stocks.

OT: Nature has a note on the shortage in indium (e.g. for ITO) this week... 3 years after the run-up in price. They mention CNTs, but not ARWR specifically.
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