Friday, September 14, 2007


Closing Comments

I'll have you know, all day, I was busy kicking old men down open manholes, as most of my positions melted up. I love that expression, "melted up." Is that shit even possible? How does something melt up?

Feel free to educate me.

As you know, the shorts got their balls punched around today, specifically in the "subprime" related names, despite that fucking European mortgage player getting forklifted.

The truth is, the bear raid on the homies and brokerage stocks has been postponed, until the next "shoe drops." Currently, there is a major short squeeze taking place in CLMS, GS, CORS, MECA, TARR, HOV, LEV, SPF and a variety of other financial/home related names.

Right now, I'm levered up long, with a few hedges in place, such as LAZ (short), MDC (short) and SRS (long).

I know many of you are waiting for LEH to post bad numbers. As a matter of fact, most of you (63%), according to my "Fly Survey," feel the earnings will be abysmal.

However, knowing how fucking retarded most of you (internet leech) are, I'd be careful shorting LEH into earnings. That fact is, you guys are never right. It's not your fault. It's your low IQ, coupled with your inferior DNA that forces you into fucktarded financial decisions.

Now, you might say "hey fucko, how did your 'calculator brain' come up with these winners-- IIG, MCHX, ARWR, AXR and LAZ"?

My answer to those scurrilous charges is simple. If "The Fly" made a few errors in reading his "calculator brain" or using his "time machine," it's because he did it on purpose, despite past and future bitch like complaints from "Broker A." In other words, his long term goal is to wipe out the internet investor class, while delicately sipping on Monster Energy soda and violently throwing bookends at his trader/servant.

Today was an excellent day for "The Fly." I enjoyed big dicked gains in UNG, GME, FMCN, LZ, CORS, GMXR, ALJ, SNDK and even iiG, while MVIS, AXR, FTK, HANS and VMI "took the day off."

Finally, if a shot gun were put to my head, in order to extract one stock pick, I'd say: "shoot me Sir if you must; but before you do, go short LAZ."


I'm not shorting LAZ and may even buy it. Go ahead, start with the name-calling and the beer jokes. The melt-up in this sector (yeah it's a fucking word) seems to be saying something bullish. Maybe there's some short-covering (who the fuck knows?) But I'm all wierded out by this move and I smell a bigger bull run.
lava lamps melt up

That's because you're a pussy.
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I like pussy. I think that's what you meant to say.
Sweep the leg.

Truly inspirational.

Fly I hope you fucking blog this weekend and tell a bunch of random funny stories. Hard to top Jack the Convict, but it can be done.
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Harry horse, it is well known that anyone who gets wasted off of 5 beers is a pussy, regardless if you like it or not. Texans drink a sixer for breakfast.
They also root for the Crackboys, the team voted "Most likely to provide the Sixth Village Person" because of their gayboy phaggy uniforms, and their botoxed, eyebrowed lifted questionably metrosexual Sleestak of an owner.
I'm not sure many of you asshats get MVIS. The next announcement i doubt will even have a name attached to it. And there certainly won't be a dollar amount. And there won't be any product THIS january. So even after more "news". it will likely slip down over time.

But if they can get the PicoP embedded in anything, especially a cell phone they will sell MILLIONS as fast as they can churn them out.

You'll know in about 9 months whether they can manufacture these in hi-volume. And there is NO doubt they will sell instantly. Name another product with the same potential. iPhone maybe? I could live with similar results.

MVIS is a faith-based investment dependant on Tokman and team to deliver. They have the edge on all competition. It's a waiting game--well worth the wait if they succeed.

Even though I hate you, well said.
Jakegint, I don't watch NFL. College football only.
Bad news coming for EQIX? Like bumping up their guidance for the quarter and year?
Well Gee, fly, I'm honored you even have an opinion of me. Makes me wonder what i did tho, besides complain a little about a couple of fucktarded pics you gave me when you obviously stepped mistakenly into Grant Jogon's time machine.

No matter. Being hated by you is kind of like being hated by Rosie Odonnell. I'm kind of proud of it.

hate on.

Watch your eyebrows, fuckface.

Did you know that never in the history of man has fire ever melted steel?


Crudite Broker:

Longhorns suck too.

(taking for granted you are not an Aggie because of the writing abilities)
Why yes jake, i did hear that.

But did you know:

A gun is no more responsible for killing people than a spoon is responsible for making Rosie O'Donnell fat." — Travis McGee
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