Monday, September 17, 2007


Closing Comments

This morning I took a Sudafed with my morning Monster Soda. Let me tell you, those fuckers don't mix.

On one hand, I'm lethargic, like a sloth in Bermuda. On the other, my heart is beating like I'm on a fucking treadmill or something.

I do not recommend the combo.

As for today's trading:

I'm short term bearish. I cannot think of a scenario where the market can go up, ahead of the Fed and LEH.

So, with that in mind, I'm having my Voodoo Physician conduct some serious witchcraft on those lazy fuckers at LAZ.

God willing, his witchcraft will work.

Despite general weakness, there were many pockets of strength, particularly in the China related names, like BIDU, EJ, FMCN, SOHU, SINA, XING and CSUN.

Who fucking knows where those stocks are going?

It's one big stock market party in China.

Finally, ahead of the Fed and LEH, I want to lighten up on my dogs and sell short financials. Also, I like the SRS (short homies) here.

For those of you who disagree with "The Fly," go fuck a Romanian mountain goat.

...or a Romanian mountain lion.
Hmmmm.... LEH announcing tomorrow, down buck fitty early today, claws back to down about 90 cent, and now, in AH down 60 cent.

Nobody knows nothin' o course, because Honest Injun securities firms 'r so notoriously tight lipped about these things.

Anyone see any option activity of interest today?
...or a Romanian can of wheat (no corn in Romania).

Does the Fly have an all-Chinese stock portfolio in mind? (no robster, preese)
Biggest volume (16k+) in the LEH fitty fie puts.

Little over 10k in the sitty calls.

Adjust your estimates according to "smart money/inside info leak" theory or "contrarian investor" theory.
"It's one big stock market party in China."

Since 08/16 "bottom", SPY is up 4.2%

BIDU + 49.74%
SOHU + 27.40%
SINA + 28.36%
FMCN + 28.17%

No Fu Manchu's getting punched off over there.
United States Natural Gas

Ever since "The Fly" announced his intentions for the "White House" Natty has been behaving nicely. Or maybe its people seeing all the hooded sweatshirts around the NFL and MLB.

Jake have you ever Baidued yourself. What a hit- Whats the question? Deal or no Deal? I think the Chinese have become infatuated with day trading. It's like watching the Asians play craps and roulette in AC yikes.

Is it all sad and downtrodden in Huskerville?
are there sloths in bermuda?

glad to see you've seen the light and have joined me on the dark side for a trade - better late than never

also, re:china - I think ADY , which you gave me, is looking good - how can you not make money feeding 6 trillion people?

so - to sum up; I agree with your short term thesis . Therefore, for those of us who agree with that; what do you have for us to fuck?
Stock-- I'm a Jayhawk-- Just have always liked NE football. USC's speed man for man is unbelievable. They could have hung 70 up there if they wished.

Looks like a 3 team race LSU,USC,FLA
Indeed. USC, LSU, FL in that order, IMHO.

My brother in law is a K-State grad, which I suppose in your estimation deserves an extra can of corn.
LSU-USC BCS Nat Championship is shaping up to be as good as USC-Texas a couple of years back.

Please, no more overrated Big Ten lumbering oaf teams!


But seriously, we need a playoff system... at least eight teams.

Okie-homies and Florida are only half step behind the above tow...
or two for that matter.
rumor du jour, fwiw or isn't .. tho it might not be a bad spec considering its been beaten with the ugly stick and has yet to come off the canvas.

Chatter that GCI is willing to pay $53/share for MNST and that IACI is also gunning for MNST which might start a bidding war between the two companies for MNST.
Hong Kong is the play.

In a week or so, China, for the first time, will allow their citizens, in the biggest cities, invest in Hong Kong.

Therefore, lots of new money going to Hong Kong, short term.
Whats the ETF for KONG?

"The Fly" is too busy to fuck around with retards on the internets.
No problem- I'll ask Peachin.
Go play with this site:

Peachin' knows nothing, with the exception of RIMM trading patterns.
Welcome To The NFL
I have always used EWH as my Hong Kong ETF. Its very liquid and been around awhile. Go Gators!!!
MPEL is the spell.

What happens when you add Chinese folk plus gamblin'?

Can you say "frenzy?"

Arlmost as good as BIDrU, Hans Brix!!
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