Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Closing Comments

You couldn't have painted a better picture for the bulls. We had good numbers from LEH, great numbers from BBY-- and a 50 basis point cut. By the way, I feel like a rudderless hatfucker for blowing out my LEH position, a few days ago.

Holy shit.

Out of all "The Fly's" stocks, AXR outperformed best, with a fucking ridiculous short squeeze-- towards the end of day.

My two shorts, LAZ and SRS lit my balls on fire, with monster moves to the upside. The good news, I have so many longs; they were reduced to eyesores, with little effect on today's bull stomp.

I have a problem buying in a 300+ day. In the past, whenever I bought into such big up days, I ended up regretting it. Amateur hour.

Everyone with a brokerage account piled in today, which exacerbated today's move. Plus, there was massive short covering, as all of the fucktards who believe Doug Kass gave up.

Now, if you are a contrarian, this is where you want to sell. The argument for higher stock prices has to be backed up with strong jobs numbers and BBY- like retail sales.

Should we get good retail sales numbers, coupled with a 100k+ jobs report, say hello to DOW 15,000.

With my money, as you know, I will continue to average into my LAZ short, deep in the hole. I will refrain from buying SRS, due to a possible massive short squeeze in the sector.

At the end of the day, VMI, RIMM, LNN, FTK, JCG, and many others, went up like cocks in a brothel.

If GS and BSC post good numbers, we're going to 14,000 by Friday.

Use the "time machine" to go back and put asbestos undies on - you'll be fine, despite LAZ and SRS lighting your balls on fire ...
Neil Cavuto just punk'ed Alan Fucking Greenspan. Nice. Made that old man shut up quick like. Do you think he actually fucks Andrea Mitchell? Just a thought. I bet it's like two rusty railroad irons bouncing around in the back of a flat-bed pickup truck.
Thanks for the image.

Oh, and the Red Sox suck!
"At the end of the day, VMI, RIMM, LNN, FTK, JCG, and many others, went up like cocks in a brothel."

Where do you get that stuff? Dennis Miller. Funny as shit.
Jake, what a little douche that kid is (at least his parents are douches). Wearing a Red Sox jersey and asking a Yankee player to sign an autograph? Waddaya expect? I bet he plays in a little league where "they're all winners." Duncan should have wiped his ass with the paper and handed it back to him.
I come here for the music...will pay for a mix
These crooks cook numbers. So if LEH released "good" numbers I don't see why GS or BSC will not?

The financial rally is mostly a short squeeze rally. Not going to participate because if the timing is not right you could be fried. I would rather let them rally, and then short from the top.

Still stick to your MVIS and "violently oppose" SWC? The SWC is up almost 7% today. The palladium story is way much more compeling than your MicroVision story. IF I had thought MVIS is any good I would have bought some.

You do realize you are mentally ill, right?

Listen up here buddy.



SWC will rot in hell, then I'll buy it.

You hear me you fucking faggot.

Now have a nice day.
Your MVIS is still going no where. And no SWC will not rot in hell. The hell does not need palladium. Now go fuck your Romanian goat.
MVIS doesn't need to go anywhere. It can stay here and I'd still be up 100%+, fuckball.

My life doesn't revolve around one stock, ya dig?
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JJ, go back to doing
what you do best.
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