Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Closing Comments

If you are heavily short the market, today hurt. One would think, following yesterday's melt up, today would sell off.

Nope. Out the window you go.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this market walk up to new all-time highs. Frankly, it makes lots of sense being an ignorant bull, never wavering or faltering.

During the recent dip, I was lucky enough to bag a boat load of FCX, as low as $68. Unfortunately, I sold the fucker, like a coward, for a 10 point profit. Now it trades $110.

My point: Sometimes it makes sense to remove your brain and follow strong trends. Whenever I over think a trade, like my LAZ short, I get "knee-capped."

Today, the internet and industrial names led the charge. Is it me or does GOOG look like it wants to go to $666?

With my money, I lightened up on some illiquid names, like AZZ, while averaging down on my SRS position.

I noticed the typical short squeeze stocks were running up today, like USNA, iiG and CORS. In a market like this, it makes sense to weigh into the bears, via buying heavily shorted stocks.

NTRI got nailed to the ground, losing 12% on a cautious Citi research note. Citi is the big bull behind the stock. Therefore, investors overreacted and sold it all fucking day.

In closing, "The Fly" is quite pleased with the current state of affairs, despite being "deballed" in LAZ, NTRI and SRS. I'm near new highs, waiting for MVIS to man up and mud stomp the sellers.

We shall see.

NOTE: Forgot to mention a new buy: CGXEF @ $1.55.


Somebody needs to go down there, and just shoot that son of a bitch.
Looks like NTRI is now officially a LT hold. You would think the buyback would lend some price support....
I'm not down on MATH, dip shit.
Not to get political or anything but your Mayor Bloomberg is an A1 Fucktard. I heard on the news that he is contemplating escorting Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero when he visits NYC for his speech at the UN. What the hell is wrong with Bloomberg disrespecting the people who died on 9/11? Her needs to kick his ass out like Guiliani did when Arafat paid a visit to the theater.
Nurse Bloomberg is a Fucktard in Chief, and I hope he takes a ream of schit for facilitating this stunt. What next, escorting farking Osama Bin Laden down to see some of his handiwork?

We are at war with Iran, whether it's declared or not, and they are killing our guys with their penetrating IED's in Iraq. Why is this little asshat even allowed in the country?
selling illiquid stocks to pick up CGXEF? Doesnt it trade about 5000 shares a day, or am I missing something? What the hell are they all about?

Oh, sorry, I forget youre playing with your green fuzzy balls tonite.
Broker - you went from one somewhat liquid illiquid stock (AZZ) to one major illiquid illiquid stock (CGXEF)

fwiw - MVIS looks like its gonna man up shortly.

For the chart-people; all the indices have traced out trend channels & seem to have hit the ceiling. We may consolidate for a week or so before going for July's highs into Qtr end.
MATH+++ fucker
BIDU looking topped out for now.
Good read for you shorts:

stupid shorts and bedroom economists ----

my god, you people are STUPID….trouncing Bernanke and stating your idiotic claims….listen up fools…don’t you understand anything????? Don’t you understand that the dollar drop is an engineered event, for a variety of reasons but PRIMARILY to force the Chinese to disconnect their currency from ours???? Much like Reagan broke the Russians with the defense build up of the 80’s….the same thing is occurring with the Chinese….A LOWER DOLLAR WILL FORCE THEM TO LET THEIR CURRENCY FLOAT….are you beginning to get it yet???

Okay. The deed is done, but what does it mean? Well, it means this: Every major investor in the world knows that the U.S. is 37 percent -38 percent of the entire world’s economic activity. That is just a short 12 percent from being HALF of the entire world’s economic activity!

We remain, by far, the biggest gorilla in the china shop, and when the most powerful economic individual in the most powerful economic country speaks and says “Enough!” absolutely everyone is carefully listening and starting to make major appropriate adjustments.

Here is what I expect to happen over the next 5-6 months. Europe will begin to DROP their interest rates. We will drop our interest rates to at least 4.25 percent, possibly even 4 percent by year end.

The dollar may slide a bit more; making us even more competitive in world markets with our products - do any of you complaining morons understand what that does to our exports??????

And I expect the manufacturing sector of this country will begin to rapidly rise like the potential colossus it is in response to its new position as lowest price, best quality supplier of all sorts of goods. Read the headlines all over the world. Quality is now as important as price to just about every buyer!

I expect that the outcome of the lower rates, higher export environment for the U.S. will set off the coming huge three to four year rally. This rally, I believe, will carry us to the 19,000-20,000 Dow level. When we look back, we will find the rally’s takeoff level began right in this time period.

I expect that the international markets, up until now threatened with higher rates, will begin to respond to their lower rates, just like ours. In short, today’s Fed action has been a “sea change” that will result in one of the biggest economic worldwide booms we have ever seen.

But, what about the “crisis” in housing and credit you ask? I believe time will show that this problem, while no small potatoes, proved to be only a blip on the radar screen of the huge coming boom.

Don’t misunderstand me, however. There will be some pain for many in the markets in the next three to four months, especially for the ones responsible for its creation. That is as it should be.

But, it will quickly fade. If you lived through the 1987 “crash” you know by looking back at the long term chart that that “crash” is but a blip on the charts, despite all the pain it caused at the time.

The bottom line today is that, like the 1987 crash and even the savings and loan problems in the early 1980s, this “subprime” problem will also be quickly forgotten in the light of the coming huge expansion.

LOAD UP IDIOTS…quit bitching and complaining about a VERY GOOD THING…..if you don’t understand how things work, stay the hell out, but please, quit making your sophmoric and idiotic statements about depression, recession, the world is ending….it makes you sound like the amateurs you are.
CGXEF trades actively on the TSX.

I bought a very small amount, based upon a tip.
talk about bathroom economists

like Broker said ; apparently the best way to invest is without a brain

Something to do with gas in Trinidad.
The only new info I found in the CITI note on NTRI is that the analyst estimates 2 million people don't mind risking uncontrollably shitting themselves if they can lose a few pounds using ALLI. Everything else was known.

I assume the huge volume/price action in NTRI means the 2 million number is far greater than Glaxo had guided people to expect. Anybody know what the expectations were for ALLI users?
Every major investor in the world knows that the U.S. is 37 percent -38 percent of the entire world’s economic activity. That is just a short 12 percent from being HALF of the entire world’s economic activity!

I'm in awe of your math skills.
This comment has been removed by the author.
a few years back, the US was over 50% of the worlds GDP ... we are slipping & its all downhill from here .
I don't know if you are serious or not, Bruce, but that analysis can't be farther from the truth.

All it means is the third world is moving toward the first. Nothing could be better for the global economy, or the first world, or -- more specifically -- the freest and fastest growing large economy in that first world.
i agree. however if it weren't for the rest of the world, we'd have been in a recession years ago
That's the beauty of free capital market flows and a global economy.

Worst thing that could happen is an impediment to free trade.
So much for the woodshedder bottom - Two days ago it was said here after FED that we'd be down 200. Yesterday you said don't chase the fed rally. Now you say go long.

I am buying calls on the ETF "Inverse Fly"
Great post by newequity. He really summed it up. Sorry Fly about FCX, but even I sold at $94 (and I freakin' love this stock), not thinking it had even the slightest chance to overcome da' bears and get back it's status so quickly.

You are reading me wrong.

I still think we are getting a pullback soon.

Hence, I am short LAZ and long SRS, which I added to today.

Plus, I sold several stocks to raise cash, today.

As for missing the Fed rally: not at all.

I'm 130% leveraged with small hedges. My guess was wrong, but I didn't act on a hunch.

That's the difference, fuckface.
Broker A,
Sometime ago I offered to take the "ASSHAT OF THE YEAR" award if FCX didn't touch 120 by 12/31. I made over 80% with your MVIS pick and am still long.

Just wanted to give you atleast a 40% bagger IN RETURN and that's what I did while suggesting FCX.

If you give me another chance for a 40% bagger in 12 months, I'd recommend CTSH.

Echoing Zombie here -- "Fly is God"
So, FLY, you get one another big loser in NTRI. Looks to me most of your most favorite pet stocks are all big losers.

SWC continue to march upward in a very convincing way. The chart should really be convincing now, and there are tons of shorts to be squeezed. Still not interested? This one could easily bring about 20 to 40 folds gain in the next 3 to 4 years. Mark my word. There are good reasons I put more than 90% of my 401K and more than 70% of my regular stock trading account into this one single stock.
Broken clock right 2 days in a row!
90% of your 401K into one stock?!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
JJ, are you actually looking at anyting besides SWC? 50% of the 40 or so tickers I'm tracking added between 10 & 20% in the past 3 weeks. So shut the fuck up!
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