Thursday, September 20, 2007


Closing Comments

I have meeting to attend.

See you losers later.

Just know, the market is short term over bought. Buying up here will result in swift poleaxing and "machine gunning" of your bullshit online brokerage accounts.

NOTE: Here is a link to the MVIS Maxim presentation.

could your meeting be the MVIS 4pm presentation?
fuck you
Maxim - I like the magazine better. This pitch offered nothing new. If anything the lack of excitment and too many disclaimers makes me want to sell half my position and come back in six months. Eventually a good story.
After clawing at my ears during that MVIS discussion (and peeing myself given the small fuckin fortune I have in this one nut wonder), I have finally made the uber smart decision to place my rattle snake in my mouth, beg him to bite away so that I can be prevented from telling anyone about this turd of a stock. On second thought, I will see 1/2 my position and pick up some ALVR on a pullback - wimax is the rage around the world.
MVIS is ready to break out upward of it's tight ass range.
Joe, then sell MVIS. There were fuckers such as yourself that were bitching about AAPL when it went it couldn't break out of its $8-$11 range for about 10 months. You obviously are an amateur and don't have the balls to add and hold. The only real guys I know who have made money trading and investing add into positions as they go higher and scale out of positions when they go lower. Think about it.

Fucknut, there is money then there is fast money. I didn't say that I was going to sell all of my MVIS dickwad. Let me educate you about my money management methodology before you get your panties in an uproar over someone that talks bad about one of your favorites. While it is true this stock performed well during shit flush we had over the past month-and-a-half (that is - it didn't puke AS MUCH as the general market), I do expect that when the lion roars, the stock would nut up and grow a few, which it didn't. Fair enough. But when I heard what I heard today, I was convinced that I would be stuck in a raft with Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball for the next year. I'd rather drink salt water and end it. On the other hand, ALVR is making new announcements everytime the sun comes up and is roaring past Joe the Volcano in a mega-luxurious cruise ship cum floating home with a scandanavian heavenly sword swallower - you choose. Mr Noland was eventually rescued and was given an opportunity not to fuck up a second time. That opportunity I will give MVIS, but with fewer resources attached to it. There may come a day when I am enjoying a sunny day in the South Pacific where I remember MVIS and drop a few unwanted bills on its plate, but I will decide where and when that happens fuckface. Now stop boring me with your insecure rant and get me a beer and my Captains hat.
MVIS is ready .. it will make some sort of move by qtr end
MVIS is ready. Also MATH is ready..and WGAT and NTRI. They're all so ready to fucking pop..big time.
Glad someone was paying attention to ALVR and the chipmunks. ALVR's a nice little grinder. Slow, and steady, but up, unquestionably.

You don't need a ton of patience, but you do need a little.
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