Friday, September 21, 2007


Closing Comments

Listen to me. Don't you ever doubt the abilities of "The Fly."

I'm over here banking so much coin; I might buy a fucking spaceship and execute trades from the moon, via WIFI of course. You know, just to give you retards a handicapped advantage on me.

Despite the zombie (MVIS) and collapse of NTRI, "The Fly" is up 35% for the year. Fuck you, doubt me. I'll kill your goldfish.

As you know, I buy and sell a select group of stocks; unlike you fools who buy whatever is going up. Before I step in, I study the company and get an edge, unlike you--chart chomping internet leeches.

Let's look at today's action.

I had monster gains in AZZ, EJ, NYX, ORCL, IIG, LNN, AAPL, RIMM, HANS and GME, while losing 20 cents on my LAZ short. Also, I was even up on SRS. See pal, that's who I am and you're nothing. Good Father....

Which reminds me, fire Willie Randolph, right now. That fucker is driving the Mets, like that fucker who steered the Titanic into an iceberg.

In closing, I like LAZ short here and BWLD long.

Off to eat several 2 1/2 inch rib eyes, with my favorite red.

NOTE: By the way, I was up 51% today-- on the little tip from the other day (CGXEF). You know, the one you assholes mocked me for.

off to buy a case o' wine... fuck all you mother fuckers.

have a good weekend tootsie roll dicks
"I has monster gains..." typo
This comment has been removed by the author.
I say bring back back Casey Stengel. As Casey always said: "Now there's three things you can do in a ball game: win, lose or it can rain."
"...that's who I am and you're* nothing."


* "you are" contracts to "you're."


Nice dice roll on the Maxim penny stock.

No, really.
It was a typo, fucker. Don't you ever do that again.


Do I know you? How did you know that?

I probably do know you.

The notion has run through my head a number of times.
How did you know it was a Maxim penny stock?
Jake is a witch.

Fly keep rockin-
Simple deduction, my dear Watson.

You've either been siren songed by Maxim before (viz, Ms. Mavis), or you ran into some Maxim weasel (Woodbury office, likely) at a MaVIS conference and he dropped the dope on you at that point.
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