Monday, September 24, 2007


Closing Comments

I'm sure most of you fucktards are perplexed, wondering why the market went down. You, with your infinite wisdom, thought the market was going higher, forever.

Well, listen up fuck face, that's not how this game is played. We may continue to get punched between the eyebrows, now that everyone is bullish.

With my money, I've been raising lots of cash, while making surgical buys, like BWLD.

Also, if you are paying attention, I'm banking some serious coin in iiG, despite your lack of support.

In closing, don't be a dick; hedge your little portfolio's with a few shorts or inverse ETF's. Also, it's worth noting, MVIS is entirely gay. However, it's also worth noting, whenever I get the urge to rip its face off, the stock bottoms. Just know, right now, I want to peel its fucking face off-- like a Mr. potato head.

Top pick: Short LAZ.

UPDATE: 16:04 IIG Imergent: Steven G. Mihaylo discloses 9.0% stake in SC 13G filing (22.30 +0.87)

The internet never lies.


I feel the same on MVIS. Guess we all should have listened to Mike and loaded up the other day. That would have been real fuckin genius. Take my money and put more of it in MVIS which has gone down at least 6% since his "amateur" call, while ALVR has pressed up at least 3%. More calls like that Mike-the-Genius and we will be watching for you at the cloakroom at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. What next? Buy a truckload of kkd calls? I like the MVIS story anmd cannot wait for others to get geaked out by the projector, but make extra coinage in China right now and drizzle a few into MVIS when it stall a bit on the downside. Be careful on that stall, it may just be waiting for fucknut Mike to jump on for another ride down. Ahhhhhhhhh.
MVIS will run Thanksgiving-New Years.

Write it down.
I love the internet!
Who the flock is "Mike?"
The dapper dollar danks is at it again, wow

Mike Jordan, the restaurateur.
Who knows why IIG is up?

Maybe they got a visit from a hitter from the home office and Shelly did better than the steak knives this month?

Maybe he got his hands on the Glen Gary leads?


Second greatest movie line of all time:

You wanna know what second place is? It's a set of steak knives.

Third place is "ya fired.*"


*Don't think the Matzoh-Pizza, Lawn Guyland accent doesn't make this line gold.
Let's all revisit the iiG story in December.

Stupid fucks.
Do the Titans win outright tonight?
Reggie runs wild tonight.
Vince puts on a show.
Saints by a field goal.

Watched NFL yesterday at Applebee's- They are promoting their bar as a sports bar. NFL ticket with 8 nice sexy high def sets. I have to say it was a good set up.
Mr Potato Head looks like Dr Phil

I thought MVIS was ready to make a move ... NOT . still dead'n gay money ... maybe its doing the old headfake lower before headfaking higher before headfaking lower before ... wake me up when its over
Crapplebee's sucks
BWLD is a great stock.

Any restaurant that has gross margins of 30% should do OK. Anything below that is questionable.

BWLD is over 41%.

APPB's GM is 28% of sales. Being acquired by IHP is probably the best thing that can happen to them.
What do you restauranteurs thinkg of Texas Choadhouse? (TXRH)
On my way to BWLD to watch the Saints win. Go Saints!
I know shit you fuckers don't know, such as: the Titans will mudstomp those swamp fuckers tonight.
you stocktards are fighting MVIS's last CEO’s legacy - maybe a bump with the next contract announcement...
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