Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Closing Comments

I just want to go on the record and make a few things clear, due to some feminine statements in the comments section.

"The Fly" doesn't drink martini's, especially ones with olives in them. Fuck you, if you like them. I don't.

Nothing irritates "The Fly" more than looking at some guy sipping a fucking triangle glass, with a sliced apple floating on top of its contents.

I drink bourbon or beer. That's it fuck face.

As for the market:

What do you think this is some sort of free service, where you come here, make money, then go? Fuck that.

"The Fly" doesn't feel like giving you (internet voters) "future news" or even old news.


Right now, I'm all about eating large pastrami sandwiches, with mustard, while gingerly sipping on a Monster M-80 juice.

Plus anyway, I'm making too much money, than to fuck around with you retards on the internets.

In closing, the market will go up and down. Either way, I'll be there, with my fucking net, to catch all the money flying around.

Off to my steroid infested gym.


no on MSFT
FLY is my hero b/c he says what is on his mind
George Dickel bourbon, I suggest.

I have taken that matini comment in the spirit it was given - I have been told to fuck off many times before, but usually by some bimbo swirling on a bar stool as I stumbled by and gabbed her ass. But you didn't count out the stoggie - I'm still happy my man. Would love to send you a big fat one to celebrate. No-I'm not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.
I'll take any alcohol with my cocaine.
hey! we were talking about manly vodka marini's here. not some glowing green appletini with a gay umbrella.

Its at least as manly as a bowl of friggin oatmeal with lovely sliced strawberries.

and get's you far more drunkerer.
Three best bourbons (don't fuck with me, I'm an expert):

1) Blanton's

(like a happy meal for adults, comes with a toy!)

2) Woodford Reserve

(Oh so smoove, oh so good. This is why you should buy Brown Forman. This bitch will be as big as Jack Daniels (another BF brand) one day.)

3) Pappy Van Winkle -20

Boutique brand, sold mostly in Japan to liduculously lich Japanee who ruv Amelican boulbon.

Only true connaisseurs can even
get their mitts on it. Not as good as the two above, imo, but tasty.
joe. looks like XFML had almost 6 times the normal volume today.let me know if you find out why...hope it holds. MAy want to sell it before your smoking garcia vega's...
You ever drink distilled oatmeal mash?

Mean buzz.

Anybody have thoughts on IGLD?
I am going with a corned beef on Rye-heavy with the mustard for dinner. The pastrami comment put me in the mood.
I'm as Irish as a leprechaun, but I've never been able to stomach corned beef. Dunno why.

Maybe it's because my mom always used to jam it into us (along with the equally loathesome delicacy "Irish Sodabread") every St. Paddy's Day.

Pastrami is farking awesome, though.
Jake, I concur on Blantons.

I used to live in Bardstown, KY, just a few minutes from the distilleries. One of the guys I used to play music with was retired from Beam, and used to bring me all kinds of special blends he had received as gifts from the company over time.
classic post Fly - ya still got it, I don't care what the loser lurkers say, with nothing better to do, than waiting for one of your picks to head south

where the hell were they today? shining your shoes maybe

XFML is shooting straight to the 200 ema just like it did in June and August of this year - then it took a huge dump. If this is anything like those two prior time, should eb relatively easy to spot. But you know this company, it produces......its number one in manufacturing......they are leaders of their sector which.....ahhh fuck it the stock is hot!!!! Take part off at the 200 ema ($8.50) and see if it breaks through this time. Third time is a charm. Just make sure you are using houses money for the remainder of the run. If it is legit, then we can always add on pullbacks to the 8 and 20 ema. Even with the volume today, it still was not as hot as the previous runs, which makes me think that it may be more rational this time. I better take some off since I just bought a boatloat of fuente anjejos, padron anniversaries, cohibas, partagas, etc. Oh yeah, right now I am making my Fly Fuck You drink of the day - Belvedere Vodka Martini with treble olives. If the fly had the combination of a fine cigar and a Belvedeve Martini on a blowout winning day, I guess he would be ok with being a pussy for one day. Cheers.
You are familiar w. the Bourbon Festival then?

Good times. Hand made cigars and good bourbon. What more can one ask?
Vodka is for homos with teenytiny little cell phones.


But seriously, JOE, when is this housing market going to bottom so I can buy some JOE again?

I wish to own vast large lots of JOE, apres le bottom.
I was talking to the CEO of BF one day about Woodford Reserve and how much I love love love love it.

He said it won't be fully "rolled out" for another 15 years. It takes 25 years to fully "roll out" and market a premium bourbon because of the time to manufacture, test, build the brand, etc, etc.

He said that's why they'd never buy (currently on the market) POS Finlandia Vodka (the farks wanted $9 billion for it!).

I said why not?

He says -- you can make vodka in your garage over night. Where the edge in that?


What he did not mention, because he's far too polite a gentlemen, is that vodka is also quite gay.
bourbon and cigars are sweet
What's wrong with The Macallan? If god requires hydration, I'm confident he does so with that 30 year old single malt highland scotch.

I know a woman who once ordered a pastrami with mayo on wheat. The Hebs in the office had fun with that one.
I have to concur on Woodford Reserve. Good stuff.
I'll have a Reuben...please hold the kraut and cheese.
The Hebes/ Jewbies/ Tribesman/Lansmen/Chosen prolly gotta kick outta that goniff shagatz referring to them as "Hebs" as well.
What do you think about VE as a water play. "It operates in four segments: Water, Environmental Services, Energy Services, and Transportation. The Water segment provides water and wastewater services, such as management and operation of drinking water plants, wastewater decontamination and recycling plants, drinking water distribution networks, and wastewater collection networks."
By "large pastrami sandwiches", do you mean like at Carnegie Deli?

Last time I was in NYC, I stopped in and had me some. Thought it was quite good.
...it's still hard to beat a 3" thick buffalo rib-eye sandwich, though.

Yippee ki yay, mofo.
...and what's with "gingerly sipping on Monster M-80 juice"?

Man up and guzzle that shit down with your sandwich and a Sudafed chaser.
I'm looking for seed investors in my IPO; CISMF - China Internet Solar Metals Food Corp

any takers?

no but seriously folks .. have anyone else gotten spam mail for the latest hot stock which happens to be a solar play? We must be in the blowoff phase of the solar run.

Keep one foot out the door with these stocks.
Bruce -You are correct IMO. Whenever I see a company like CTDC start its run I know the end can't be too far behind. Many of these Companies have their main revenue coming from car washes or bicycle repair in Beijing.
I will launch my new company soon:

Fly's Chinese Solar Burrito Private Equity Funds.

I expect all of you to put 3/4th's of your net worth in it.
Maybe not 3/4ths, but I'll consider 6/8ths.
Speaking of bullshit stocks, that XFML phantom stock is up another buck sitty today.
Just as long it's not under 75%.
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