Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Closing Comments

I taught you how to "milk the farmer," via LNN and VMI. I showed you how to play awkward press releases, regarding territorial disputes in Guyana. I let you into the world of Monster, where younger people than you buy over caffeinated soda pop, sending the underlying security soaring. I offered you multiple chances to "get your share of the billions being made on the internet."

And, what do you give back?

You doubt my every move, as if my "time machine" was without plutonium or my "calculator brain" was missing its solar panel.

Look you, you're not qualified to second guess BWLD, MVIS, LLNW, ERTS or even SBUX. While you're home sleeping and dreaming about fluffy white sheep, "The Fly" is working hard, like Clubber Lang, finding new ideas-- getting an edge.

Investing is not for everyone. Sometimes the best investment a fucktard can make is acknowledging his limitations. Buy a mutual fund. Eat a sandwich.

As for today's trading:

The bears were beaten like little bitches, as everything melted up. There was massive short covering, particularly in stocks with big short positions.

With my money, I will sell slowly into this run, while adding to some of my fall-winter plays, like BWLD, SBUX, JCG and NTRI.

For the day, I was up 1.9%, with gains in MVIS, HANS, FMCN, LZ, NKI-WT, AEO, LNN, LLNW, GME and RIMM.

I still have a decent short position in LAZ-- and long in SRS. By the way, SRS is double inverse IYR, in case you didn't know.

So you're saying this probably isn't the time to mention that HANS is out and JSDA is now the most underpriced of the soda sector? BTW, I do think you do a helluva job at picking some goodies out there. I've followed you on RIMM and AAPL among others and I wish I had listened to you on IIG and FMCN those were the ones that really went bonkers.
The only thing those closing comments were missing was the phrase "...fucked the prom queen".
picking bottoms in poorly run companies (JSDA) is not my forte.
I picked up some QID today. This will guarantee a 30 point up day in the NasD tomorrow.

Fly, if I get time tonight, I'm doing a post on something that I learned from you. Stop by if you get a second from all your research and sandwich eating and tennis and working out.

you sell all your EJ? Taking profits or something you dont like anymore?

nice call selling it early in the day.
can any of you young punks who have been taught computers since pre-school tell me how to put up one of those pretty blue links that you can click on in the text of your messages?

commodore 64 was all the rage when i was a kid.
sold out EJ.

Just a trade.
fly thanks for srs explanation. Sell at 130+

Cigars i tried to help you but it showed up as a link, email me

Don't feel bad cigars3. When I was a kid hula hoops and slinky were the rages of the day. When TXN came out with an actual calculator for about $500 I was amazed that a machine could actually add and subtract.
Cigar man:

No problemo.
Fly, I know how you hate when I berate you on these, but I just ask you to look at the daily chart on LAZ-arus. Draw a line from the candle bottom low on 8/16 to yesterday's low (9/25), you should have at least one more contact in there as well (9/10 I think).

There's your support line. With Salad Buffet hitting the bid on shitbird Bear today, I'm doubting very much Lazarus will be having too much trouble rolling aside the giant aspirin tablet and freeing himself from the tomb.

Let's be careful out there.

As for SRS, well you used Clubber Lang in your above post, so I'll quote him:

Mah prediction? Ah predict... payun!

Why do you feel you will escape the fate of Mr. Belvedere with this one?
ah well crap. i bought EJ, Bwld, and XFML. now you say EJ is just a trade? what the hell do I do now?

How about giving us one gun-to-the-head pick?

Id say please but you dont go for that shit. How about a cigar infused with makers mark bourbon and a beer chaser?
Waste o' Makers.

(Which you will note did not make my top three but is the only brand my wife will drink. She's a native, and loyal)



BRUD about to brow your ritter goat beald off.

Just got back from an all day cigar smoke out with my buddies. Sowed them my alter ego as envisioned by the Fly. Their only reply was "you wish". Sold 1/3rd my XFML position at 9.80 this morning. Letting it come back in. If it hangs above the 200 ema, I will be loading up the truck once more. Nice profit.

In return, I am tossing out ROCM as a must have as it is breaking out ready to rocket up to close the open gap at $23 (current price is 17.77). A nice 30% gain. I know, nothing compared with XFML, but we cant all pick viagra laden chinese stocks.

Eveyone usually gets the call on stocks that have rocketed up recently, but I am making this call on a 5% pullback today. Low volume profit taking on its way back to test the breakout level of 17.50. Please note that the break of 17.50 was on 4x volume - a confirmation of the breakout.

Rev growth last Q was 56%, last 12 mos was 59% and 25% over the past 3years. ROCM has a ROE of 54% while the industry average is 24%. PE for this 200 million market cap gem is 6%. It is just being found by the marketplace. Only 26% held my institutions.

What does it do you ask? It makes medical products that you shove up your dick. The perfect product for the aging babyboomer generation.

Buy this pullback.

Thanks Fly. I needed to give back to the readers, esp Cigars.
I gave Fly my assessment of LAZ last night over at Danny's blog. Told him to look for a bounce today off of the support line.

I agree with you Jake that LAZ goes higher from here. I know Fly, I'll go fuck myself.
joe -
ROCM's revenue growth includes an overseas acquisition.

Shares outstanding doubled over the past year.

If you are quoting growth rates, give us rev growth per share or give us the organic growth of the business - a number that means something.

Change in gross margin was inpressive.
Yes, revenue growth does include overseas acquistions and they will use more of their cash to finance acquisitions. Organic growth in the U.S. is around 14%. Based on their acquisitions, they experienced record earnings with sales being up 56%. Earnings tripled and margins increased to 53% from 37%. Company believes that 60% margins are doable. Non GAAP earnings were up 5x over last year. They have 11 million short and long term debt and 75 million in assets. There is nothing wrong with growth coming from overseas acquisitions AS WELL AS organic growth. BTW, I'll drop the ticker - either ignore it or do the fucking research yourself you couch slothing, crotch scratching potato.
Joe, why so cross?

Have you been test-ramming ROCM product again?
Dick swelled up like a fucking balloon - kinda cool looking but stings like a mutha.
All day cigar smoke? sounds good!
Try a Rocky Pattel Old World Reserve. I'm watching ROCM. Sounds pretty good.

Many thanks for the heads up on Rocky Pattel. I will scope it out next time I am on the hunt. ROCM is no Chinese tech stock, but am up 13% over past few weeks even with the pullback yesterday. Matter of fact, that pullback was a great buying opportunity.
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