Thursday, September 27, 2007


Closing Comments

Are you fuckers watching iiG? Every day, some maniac is bidding 100,000 shares for the stock. Keep in mind, the stock only trades 250,000 shares per day.

It's obvious, as well as evident, someone is interested in "getting their share of the billions being made on the internet." They are fucking the shorts and making lots of money doing it. Life doesn't get better.

Late in the day, VMI shit the shower. In my opinion, whenever VMI trades mid to low 80's, it's a screaming buy. As you know, all stocks that are in the 80's go to $120.

I caught a break with BWLD, being added to the S&P 600. Sometimes people with money get lucky, a lot.

Finally, the market has a complacent feel to it. I sense frothiness, coupled with short seller panic. Nonetheless, I will keep my LAZ short and SRS long, while nibbling at VMC, BWLD and iiG.

Off to buy expensive stuff.

UPDATE: Shocker: 16:01 FMCN sees FY07 revs $440-450 mln vs $409.65 mln Reuters consensus, prior guidance $390-400 mln

That is my buy order trying to cover my short position from 18.
good shit, Fly. I caught my break with IMMR today, and then flaunted it in you fuckers' faces. I'm off to chow down on a 2 inch ribeye, lightly peppered, a huge ass Aussie lobster tail drowned in butter, some rock shrimp ceviche, a bottle of Barolo, and of course a few coronas. Hey, has anyone seen Danny lately?
ok bad link so I'll try again

You sure do know your food.

I like your taste in food. However, I would substitute Sam Adams for the Coronas.

It's from Boston, like the Red Sox.

Fuck that, take the Coronas.
I knew the Sam Adams comment would flush out another Yankee fan.

Coronas come in clear bottles and let all the light in. Light spoils beers flavor. Don't you watch the Sam Adams commercials?
Warning to AAPL longs.

O.J. Simpson is a hit man for Steve Jobs, and has been since 1985.

Steve Jobs, in turn, cloned Dolly the sheep for O.J.

I don't know how this affects the value of the patents. I'm just reporting what's in the court filing.
gotta agree with stockhead.

You ppl have never had a skunked corona? about as tasty as that skunked swill Heineken.

Why do you think they put a lime in it?

To cover up the fact that it's made form rio grande river water 100 yards downstream from a portly mexican woman doing laundry for her 7 kids filtered thru one of their sweaty T-shirts.

ANd then it gets skunked from there!
Wouldn't ABAT be classified as a "China" play? Chinese Chairman and CEO at the helm.

It was up over 8% today. That exceeds the "up or down over 5% in one day" requirement for Chinese issues, does it not?

So my guess is the answer is, 'yes', no?
Where the fuck is Mike-the-Dickhead who called me out for selling a bit of my MVIS stock to pick up some more ALVR? God, I hate it when guys just turn tail and run. Have the nads to support your call now. I will be peeling off a portion of my new found ALVR wealth soon to dollar cost average into MVIS. I have high expectations for MVIS to pop once the squeeze between the 200 and 100 ema (weekly chart)gets to be too much. Another thing to note is the low volume during this consolidation period. It may take a month or two, but that is plenty of time for me to double my stake via ALVR profits. Critical resis for MVIS is now $5.38.

Nice 2% on ROCM today. Hey, what the fuck, I'll take it, as well as that monster pop on CNTF - thanks Fly, I think I love you.
Um, I believe I was the first to tout Israeli super secret wifi impressario Alvin and the Chipmunks on these fora.

And I didnt' even need a speculum in my urethra to do it, either.
Agree on Heinies and Corona. I will, however, occassionally have a Corona w. a deskunkifying lime.

The best "generic" beer out there is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The best beer period is BBC American Pale Ale. Bells Two Hearted is probably second.

The rest is making love in a canoe:

Fucking close to water, mate!
"speculum in my urethra"

You don't see a lot of urethra franklin references on this board.

With respect to the Chinese onslaught maybe we should have some Confucious thoughts.

Like "man who stand on toilet high on pot"

Or "man who get kicked in testicles, left holding the bag"
"We Chinese, we play jokes. We go wee-wee in your Cokes."

Dont knock it tell you try it - gives the word penetration a whole new meaning. Those fund managers must be desperate for window dressing. CNTF is still trading. Bad boy is up to 25% up for the day. Will definately be peeling some off by eod Friday in anticipation of pullback next week. Would be interested to hear the Fly's plan of action for this one. I'll even accept a "Fuck Off" at the end if you just take a few minutes and spew out some internal thought patterns on CNTF.

Forgot to say "Fuck You" - I could give a rats ass who said it first or second on this blog. Bottom line is coin, not who was first to the dance with the biggest boner.
....make that 32% on the day for CNTF.

Nice job on the China burrito stock, you are out for a little, yes?

Oh, and fuck you and your artificially widened urethra, too.

Many thanks. I just need to find someone willing to pull this bitch out.
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