Thursday, September 06, 2007


"Do not talk about fight club"

what the hell is up with gold?
Maybe there is inflation after all . Have you seen the price of milk or OJ lately? Milk was $5 p/gallon yesterday & OJ over $5 for 64 oz. When the price of milk goes up, a whole host of things go up like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc . When milk goes up, I guess you buy precious metal stocks.
short CSGP .. real estate related biz w/ a 90 pe. fucker is toast & the chart is leaking
Cow numbers have been declining over the past few years. Dairy farmers are not expanding and alfalfa prices are higher, production off 20%. With the economy doing well, restaurants are using more milk/cheese causing milk to go higher. No inflation. Buy a gallon on the way home or you will pay higher this weekend.
Oil fading faster than the New York Jets in the 4th Quarter of a playoff game (assuming they ever get into a playoff game). Gold stocks may follow.
one of the milk factors is that monsanto is losing share for its POSILAC product, which helps cows superproduce milk. it also helps people superproduce cancerous offspring, so its a good thing in the big picture. but it is having a impact as production per cow goes down.
Any ways for us vultures to capitalize off declining milk production?
ADY is a milk producer in China.
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