Friday, September 28, 2007


The Doors- LA Woman

NOTE: How about a fucking win, NY Mets, huh? At least think about it.

Dennis Lockhart, the new president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, said Friday that the balance of risks to the economy had shifted in August and September from higher inflation towards slower real growth.
"I believed, and still do, that the factor weighing most heavily on this change in the outlook has been the potential negative ramifications of the financial turmoil," Lockhart said in a speech at Middle Tennessee State University.
Lockhart said he was concerned about the housing market given the turmoil in the mortgage financing market and the large inventory of unsold homes.
"I believe the bottom of the housing downturn could be a ways off -- potentially the second half of 2008 or later," Lockhart said

In a separate speech, William Poole, the president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve bank, said the stands ready to cut rates again to keep the economy on a moderate growth track in the face of the financial market turmoil.
"My guess is that the inherent resilience of the U.S. economy along with future policy actions, should they be desirable, will keep the economy on a track of moderate average growth and gradually declining inflation over the next few years," Poole said.
Poole said he saw tentative signs that the financial markets are beginning to recover from the recent upset, although financial fragility is obviously still an issue.
"If the upset were to deepen in a sustained way, it might have serious consequences for employment stability," he said.
So, does that mean the Mets are going to "mushroom cloud" the fucking Phillies?
great song.. lame video but who cares....
Mr. Met has a drinking problem. Maybe that's part of the problem.
Hey Danny, I've got a little of THIS that says the Chiefies take care of Bidniss on Sunday.

By the way nobody could hate Marty bad enough to get stuck with Norv. What a shmo--I'd rather have the coach from Fresno State.
Yes, Bill, agreed. Possibly the worst fucking NFL coaching decision since... shit, I dunno, the panic hiring of Ray Handley.

In fact, the San Diego decision to fire a 14-2 coach to hire... Norv Farking Turner?? makes the Mara family look like a collection of Tesla Level Beautiful Minds.

And although I love my Giants, I'll be the first to tell you the Maras are a dumber bunch of donkey Micks than even those asshats the Kennedys.
The oldest known bottle of Bowmore in existence:

Highland Milk
Red Sox just clinched the AL East!

Getting ready to grill a buffalo rib-eye and wash it down with some Samuel Adams Boston Lager in celebration.

In other news, the Mets just gave up first place, since May.

Off to go grill my David Wright jersey.
Why do we keep talking about the Mets?

Our (Yankee) rivals, the asshat slovenly Red Sox, (or "Rahd Sawx" as those Southie Kelly Green Monkeys say) jusy won the AL East for the first time in 12 years.

Fuck them.
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