Friday, September 07, 2007


Emergency Firing

I don't care how many of you gun toting, toothless fools voted for Boomer and his biscuits, he's a goner.

If there is one thing I do not tolerate it is shit talking weekend bloggers.

And I quote:
" I'm telling you, this site provides the best contrary indicator available:

The blog and comments have a decidedly bullish. Ergo, when words like crash, recession, shit storm, strawberry shortcake, and dirty sanchez are spewed...when fear takes hold...BUY.

I will be putting cash to work today and Monday."
Did you read that? He said "Ergo."

What the fuck.

Last time I checked, looking at my account statement, I've managed this market like a fucking space alien magician, with the notable exception of a few bad apples.

Enjoy your down 300 point day.

"Space alien magician"

Fucking classic.

So long Boomer, it was fun.

Fly, damnit, how many times do I have to tell you that you should blog on the weekend. You don't even have to talk about stocks, just tell your killer stories.
Yes, but did you have any psychic dreams that told you what to buy so you could make your billions on the internet?
Bigger issues in the market today, but...NAM and CMC models both generate possible tropical developments in the Gulf next week
Veee vill brook no dizzent!

Vhere are your paperz??!
Hmmmm... wonder why the golds and silvers are going crazy?

Could it be those traders are hearing the sound of approaching heli-choppers?

(Cue: Flight of the Valkeries)

I know I'll be surprised like Gomer Pyle.
If any one else is psyched that a new football season is upon us, AND they dabble in options.... my favorite linebacker right now is:

yeah, the "ergo" is definitely a deal breaker

but I'd give Boomer the benefit of the doubt .. he may have been referring to the comments section

on 2nd thought; he would have already pointed that out

Boomer - wasabi mon frere?
Vale Boomer, vae victis. Veno, Vido, Moro. How could you, the Fly, not see Boomer is a dreamin' deep fried moron; ergo, I'm worried about the Fly's time machine, and stress-relief needs. Be cool, i.e. dulce est desipere in loco.
Vox Fly, vox Dei
i made 7k trading boom today. made 4k trading drys.

how'd you do today?

you can have the blog and your stank attitude.

i did nothing wrong. not even rude.

dust. feet. brushed off at you.

taht's my last post until BOOM hits $68
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