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Should Willie Randolph keep his job, as Chief fucktard of the NY Mets, the world may explode. It defies logic to let this man wear a Met uniform, after overseeing the biggest collapse in the history of baseball.

No excuses. No "but Willie did this" or "Willie a great guy." Fuck you, he's fired.

Just like the real world business, politics or war, when the guy in charge fucks up, he must fall on his stupid slimy sword.

Instead of Willie, I suggest letting Andrew Dice Clay be the new manager of the Mets. At least Dice will tell the umpires, opposing teams or his own lazy ballplayers to go fuck themselves, every once in awhile.

are the mets a baseball team or lacrosse
the diceman!

Biggest collapse in the history of baseball? Clearly you were not and Angels fan in the 1980's. Nothing can compair to the beatings took as fans.
Could this be true????

Article from Business 2.0 - October 2007 (see page 28). PicoP is listed as #5.

Many phones can play just about any video you want - as long as you're willing to watch it on a 3-inch LCD. But a supplier of wearable dsplays for the U.S. Army wants to change that. In July, Redmond-based Microvision inked a deal with Motorola to develop a built-in projector for mobile devices. The result: the PicoP, a gadget about the size of a Thin Mint that can project high-resolution, television-screen-size images on any surface - flat or curved-from your phone. The plug-in version, for smart phones, will arrive at the end of this year. Phones with embedded PicoPs whould be available by 2009. "Teens will be able to project movies and pictures," says Microvision CEO Alexander Tokman. "Business users can give the ultimate elevator-pitch presentation with their phone." - MICHAL LEV-RAM

"25 million phones now have the technology to support a projector. By end of 2008 that number will double to 50 million.

Do you think the writer made an error or is there some truth to this??
Agree, he should be fired.

Nutrisystem Raised To Strong Buy From Buy By Broadpoint
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kd's full link:

I understood the "25 million" as referring to the number of smartphones.

Shut up you spoiled brat. Didn't the Angels win the WS a few years ago?

No team, in the history of baseball, has ever relinquished a 7 game lead with 17 games to go.


Biggest choke, ever.
BUY GRMN @ 108?
mvis is a turd on my shoe
did you read the article? Care to comment on the release date?
I'm embarrassed to be a Mets fan in Cali. Granted, I'm not a Yankees fan, so people don't hate me, but after the recent events regarding the Mets, I'd rather be hated, than have to hang my head in shame. At least the Giants fans here know their team sucks and had no chance. Eh, well, maybe the Rangers can make a run for the cup this year! I'm more of a hockey fan anyways.
I dont believe they actually fucked it up. I didnt think they fly, my grandfather was a mets fan...i hadno choice. som eof my earliest memories are of the 69 series...i was born on the day the mats played their first game...ok...4 days later.

But i dont really care what you do with willie. fire him, dont fire him. if Glavine doesnt choke to the tune of the worst game he has ever pitched in his career, we arent having the conversation...or a half dozen other pitchers and releivers who choked over the last 17 games.

Hit two batter in a row to force in runs??3 in an inning???you gotta be shittin me.
Just one year before the WS win the Angels held he record as the loosingest team in sports franchise history. That's ALL pro sports including soccer in the UK.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have playoff plans to make for Tuesday.
At least the Giants fans here know their team sucks and had no chance.

Oh ye of little faith! Osi with six sacks! The entire dee with twelve!

Jacobs could be back this week... my main monster is going to pulp some linebackers in Jet green. I think he's twice as heavy as Vilma.

We're back baybee!
Oh yeah, and as if you weren't a party to this informaton already:

(Pro) Hockey sucks!
Just one year before the WS win the Angels held he record as the loosingest team in sports franchise history...

And their fan-base continues to struggle with their own spelling-related demons...

Now if you'll excuse me, I have playoff plans to make for Tuesday.

Go Junkees!
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