Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Fly Buy: AEO

I bought 2,000 AEO @ $24.55

Disclaimer: If you buy AEO because of this post, your local mailman will steal your credit cards. And, you may lose money.

I hear MOT is about to announce an equity stake in MVIS.
wonder how many keyboards broker has broken with the fucktarded trading in MVIS today?

You hear nothing.
I don't even look at MVIS much.

I buried it along time ago. Now, I'll just wait for the fucker to crawl out of its grave and eat your brains.
hopefully it starts crawling soon...I am overexposed to the name...
The internets don't lie.
MVIS will rise. Just a matter of time.

Hasn't had it's "ELON" moment yet.

When it does, we will bank coin.

(And get the flu out)
For what its worth, the MATH fuckers are going on a road show next week.

I'll be attending.
This is an appropriate video for flyonwallstreet.
How's that Gold short working out for ya?

I never did it. I was just talking shit.

I'm not interested in timing tops.

I'll wait for a break.
Oh, by the way, go fuck yourself.

That was great.
just kidding Fly. I know you didn't short gold. I get your sense of humor.

Heck, I sold out of my long gold position too quickly. I always do that (sell too quickly).
on a more serious note: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys
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digitaldoofus said...
Sometimes when I preach the glories of Microvision tech and future products to relatives, I feel like Linus foretelling of the coming of the Great Pumpkin on Halloween.
Linus believes in the 'Great Pumpkin', the Santa Claus of Halloween. He misses out on Halloween to stay in the Pumpkin Patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to pick his pumpkin patch as the most sincere, whereupon he will be showered with magnificent amounts of Halloween candies and treats.

Best line in that vid:

You mean you didn't have a grotto??

I dunno why that cracks me up so much, but it just does.
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