Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Fly Buy: AXR

I bought 500 AXR @ $30.10.

Disclaimer: If you buy AXR because of this post, someone will hard sell you bullshit property in Rio Rancho. And, you may lose money.

Fuck woodshedder,
I'm shorting QID. No earnings, patents worthless, insiders selling.

Back to the "campaign".
lol. Fuck you fucktard.

Fly, WTF? A 500 share purchase? What have your balls turned to little pea marbles?

I see ya'll watching the ole' Nasdaq keeping my QID buys in mind.

Don't hate!
Hey, are we going to get a gap fill today?

I could get used to this being a bearshitter thing, as long as Fly doesn't tell me to keep "...my name out of his filthy bearshitting mouth."

This stock sucks. I'm not dropping big coin in it.
Damn, who stole Fly and replaced him with some pink lovin' violin strokin' nice guy?

I was sure my provocation would elicit a much more vitriolic response.
Can someone explain how there are more shares short of AXR than are actually in it's float?

Check it out.

By the way, remember when this was a high flying IBD stock? Lots of times when these guys die, they stay cold.

thats only the float ... there are another 4.5 millions shares that someone is quite happy to loan out for some interest payments .. why not collect a little coin on shares that are just sitting there?
I hate to say it, but today's rally looks a little long in the tooth.
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Much distribution going on the last two days in oil and related stocks.
SDUFOUR-You will be one of the first types who the Islamic fascists will come after and you will be squealing like a pig for the Marines to rescue you.
MOT will kick NOK's ass if the latter doesn't integrate IPM (aka PicoP).
agreed poussy .. RIMM is a short term (at least) short

Broker A : not that u give an f, but bought some ADY today on the Chinese food inflation/shortage

you responded to my question a few days back on dairy plays
Word of that MOT equity stake in MVIS is spreading like wildfire. Methinks that's why the stock is surging.
The way GS is trading we could test the flat line today.

Thanks. I thought only the float was tradeable...

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DNDN is going to rocket soon.
DD, you have any link to such rumor? or is it just the fucktarded yahoo board?
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If I gave you the link I'd have to kill you. The source is closer than you think.
I would be surprised if MVIS offered an equity stake this soon after getting $34 million from the warrants, but maybe their cash burn is flaring out of control.
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Give it to me. Immediatley after reading it I'll attempt to fix my toaster in the bathtub.

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Yes, I saw one last night at the VFW Hall. The picture was slightly distorted by the grooved oak paneling.
No, no, check that:

It was the Elks Lodge.
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Did you see it, cigars? I posted the source for a minute or so, then thought better of it (and deleted it).

The knowledge would only torture your mind and haunt your dreams.
damn, i missed it. i was looking for my toaster. i think the wife threw it out. But I found her hairdryer, Give me another minute will you?

Either that or I'll buy SWC. All platinum has to do is quadruple, and then have the masses still want to buy a $2000 battery to get 6 months use out of a single cell phone charge--and ill be rich! errr..if the SWC miners don't go on strike and the union workers simply agree to wages lower than those freed from a russian gulag.

but it clearly bottomed at 8. you know, just after it bottomed at 14, 12 then 10.
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