Monday, September 24, 2007


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 3,000 BWLD @ $36.20.

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, your local butcher will run out of 2 1/2 inch rib eyes. And, you may lose money.

Did Danny start to take singing lessons?
rumor du jour : BUD for HANS
mvis is fucking gay
If MVIS were a cowboy, I'd put a cactus in his nether eye and enter him into a bull riding rodeo.
Homebuilders are down and SRS is down. What exactly does SRS track?
If MVIS were a cowboy, he'd be starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in a boy-on-boy romance that receives knee-jerk critical acclaim.
Jake, key word being "jerk."

Hey, you jinxed us. We've got BRUD on our faces.
Hey, weren't you cockwashers making fun of PTT?
Jinxed us?

When did you get in, rookie?
Homebuilders are down and SRS is down. What exactly does SRS track?

Johnny Blags --

this is what I was saying last week. The homies are only a small component of SRS. One must also think of all those hard asset REITs that got a shot in the arm from helicopter Benjamin.
Jake- I was referencing your comment on my blog today, not some sort of chest-beating drama about who got in when.
SRS is run by the same mafia that runs UNG
Homebuilders aren't part of SRS.

The tie between homebuilders and the index that SRS goes 2X short is the liquidity bubble.

As in the housing market, the amount of building, the prices paid for property, and the degree of leverage leaves most components of the real estate index vulnerable if the real world fails to meet optimistic assumptions about demand and lease rates.
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