Friday, September 14, 2007


Fly Buy: EJ

I bought 1,000 EJ @ $19.46.

Disclaimer: If you buy EJ because of this post, you will get kicked down a flight of stairs. And, you may lose money.

I like that idea ! What follows a monster stock rally? A real estate frenzy ... great i-deer!

I am getting prepared to get kicked down a flight of stairs.

But I think I'll wait till next week.

A Chinese real estate 'ideer.'
It's a nibble.
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this market has more turns that a soap opera

I am all doom & gloom about next week ... all hedged up but am thinking of taking a swing on the dark side for a gap down monday open

what are better odds here for monday?:
a: big gap up
b: big gap down
c: neutral, +/- not much

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Given that Kerouac is a good proxy for the typical retail choad gargler who thinks he knows something about where the market is going, I'd say there's a lot of fear discounted into this market already.

So I wouldn't short anything over the weekend, and I prolly wouldn't buy anything either.


In fact I think I'm going to get out of this stupid NTRI position I talked myself into-- before the day is out.
Thus far, OTR has been wrong on just about everything.


Jog on.
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I just believe the Fed is behind the curve and any cut less than 1% is pushing on a string. The 2 year Note is about 1.25 basis points behind the Fed funds rate of 5.25%. I believe Cramer is right and Uncle Ben is an academic guy and not in the real world. Bring back Paul Volcker.
There's no doubt that Bernanke and all these current fuckers are in on the game. They may act "independent" for now, but they will cut big when push comes to shove. The market has more or less figured this out, and I think it's why it's been acting well despite all the gloom and doom. Sound like climbing a wall of worry to me. We'll see. We may get a sell the news sell-off pre and post Fed, but I think we go higher by end of year.
Volcker'd cut your nuts off as soon as look at you.

Shit, he'd raise rates!


On another subject:

Gapper mentioned that his metabolism contained its own caffeine. I'm not that lucky, so when I need a quick "pep me up," I throw this one on the karaoke machine.
Volcker had to raise rates in the early '80s to save the economy from the Jimmah Carter screwup. He then drastically cut rates when inflation was brought down and we were in recession. This started the huge bull run in 1982.
Right, but he didn't have any problem tossing the economy into recession to fix things.

All I'm saying is he'd be no nanny in this regard.
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Wasn't that a Seinfeld episode-He had to destroy it in order to save it? I think it was George's line.
I've asked this question before and I'll do so again, just because I'm crazy like that.

Why do we let a centralized, private bank control our money supply?

It's time to dump the Federal Reserve system and move all money printing responsibilities to the US Treasury and bring back the 'Greenback' - debt free currency that Lincoln and later Kennedy championed.
wild westie .. go sit on a waxed cucumber ... I'm Fly's agent & you are gonna have to pony up some cash on the barrel .. fuck that 'sharing their opinions & exertise with our readers' shiite.

now go back to that goat fuckers site ... of which I am a subscriber
and not only cash on the barrel .. but no editing any of Fly's expletives

ok, now get back on that cuke
You're right -- asshat idear. But,ohhh, that cuke feels sooo good.
"I'm going to go get laid after this close."

I've been out all day and just my luck thats the one post that was not deleted. Its like "trying not to think of a pink elephant".
Thanks Fly - I'm all in cash - I have never put so much to work and spent so much time behind the curve - then to add insult to injury I lost 1,309
As for you long folks and bulls - Cash is the best position at this time!
fucking piece of shit market!

I'm off to Lucy's for whatever I have to beg for.

be kind it's lucy's e-mail

As for the week - maybe two - my first loss day - you can wear that where ever you want Fly!

I don't like to lose for even a half a second! Fuck losing!
a few more losing days & Lucy will throw you out with yesterdays paper
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