Thursday, September 13, 2007


Fly Buy: FMCN

I bought 3,000 FMCN @ $42.35.

Disclaimer: If you buy FMCN because of this post, you may become the first man to get a heart attack from a Monster Energy soda. And, you may lose money.

FWLT breaking out
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30 shares, who knew you were such a poor asshole.
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I fucking knew it grande pussy. We talked and I said you are fucking around with 25-50 shares considering you said "X" amount. You are taking profits on 30 shares for what? $.60. Got to go with newequity on this one. You have been fucking around with everyone here posting your stops, holds, longs, shorts, double whammy whoopide doo fuck overs for 30 shares? Shit, this is actually the funniest thing I have heard in a while old man. 65 year old, day trading 30 shares for .60 in an Arizona parking lot. You keep one laptop on the dash and one on the passenger seat?
personal threats,

I tell you to fuck off and stop posting bullshit. Thee is not a threat but a observation of your character.
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Yo Yo mah whiggaz:

BIDU about to blow.

Ho' de do'!
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Kerouac, why do you keep self- censoring?

Those posts you removed were no more bizarre than your ordinary fare, really.
Grande pussy, I doubt your 15 and 30 shares that you posted was missing a zero, don't back track. I am 6'1, not 5'2, I haven't started the shrinking process yet old fart.

You can get to Paris in on about $900 round-trip. You can back pack, and hook up with a homosexual gypsy for free. So you had about a $3,600 week? That is some really good trading .60 at a time, you want to manage some of my money? I don't have the time.

email me,

You are old and trading for pennies(.60*30=$18) worth of a stock to make bubble gum money. I bet you pay $9.99 per trade and have four 22" monitors to help you establish the primary trend.
I've come to the reluctant but studied conclusion that NTRI management is made up of choad-guzzling ass burglars.

The delay in Focus media's reporting doesn't bother you? I saw quite a few stocks to a slow drip during all the options crap.

Don't think it will amount to anything?
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