Thursday, September 27, 2007


Fly Buy: iiG

I bought 1,000 iiG @ $22.31.

Disclaimer: If you buy iiG because of this post, you will die poor. And, you may lose money.


Isn't dying poor a good thing? Dying in debt is even better.
Hey, nice call on the shitty chicken wing palace. Gapping up this morning.

Which reminds me, whatever happened to gappingandyapping?
VMC showing signs
You stuck with iiG, which looked like a collapse in the making, but look what happened.

If you use your time machine, you will know that the Mets will make the playoffs, and your disgust and pending defection to the Evil Empire would be for naught.

I urge you to reconsider your "emotional" decision to abandon your team of three decades. Why do I make this appeal?

Because, any soul that I can prevent from going to the darkside and the Evil Empire is one less brainwashed baseball fan.

Jake is already lost and too far gone. I pity him.

By the way, TRFX is on fire. One of the few internet companies that pays a healthy dividend.
Fly, thank you for BWLD, I got out of HANS early, but made good coinz...
Yeah, where is gappingandyapping?

Yes, I'm in BWLD, before the move this time. Maybe things are looking up over here.
A little help from those with option experience, please.

I sold Oct 35 calls on VDSI. Is there any rough guidelines on how long it takes for ITM options to get exercised?

I'm just learning and experimenting here, so take it easy.
GappingYapper lost all his money trying to trade on margin. He was a sucker anyway.
How could one go wrong with Chinese cars, via CAAS?

Aside from the fact that the cars disintegrate on impact, it looks great.
they're not cars; they're automotive systems
Nice call on selling 1/3 of XFML at 9.80 Joe. Stock was up after this announcement. But now down? WTF? Anyway, I like it. Clearly they are addressing their governance concerns in a big, big way. They intend to make a lot of money and want to be seen as legit. With billionairs behind them, how do they fail? If it get back to their IPO its almost a double for chrisake. This stock could be very big in a couple years methinks.
"How could one go wrong with Chinese cars, via CAAS?"

Aren't they painted with lead?

99% of the time, ITM exercises will not occur prior to expiration. The options expire the third Friday of the month, but assignment actually happens on the following Saturday. If the options are still in the money on the expiration date, your stock will get called away on Saturday and the $35/share cash, less a brokerage fee, will magically appear in your account. I'm having a brain cramp on option settlement rules, but I think it is T+1.
Any views on LOCM here?

(besides the obvious Chinese intro of LOCM SOCM LOBOTS)
Shed -- warning, I have had ITM options put to me on more than one occassion. Could be because I use OptionsXpresss.
Thanks Maggot and Jake.
wood -
Agree that ITM options are most often exercised at expiration. One notable exception, however, would be if a stock had a substantial dividend with an ex-dividend date not too long before option expiration. The option holder might choose to exercise early to capture the dividend.

Are you writing covered calls? I would assume, if you are just starting.

If you don't want to give up the stock, you can keep rolling your options out to a later month.
I've got one of those options oddities for you, Jake.

ILA is a lousy utility company trading at $4.09 as I write.

You can buy Jan 2010 $2.50 calls for $1.60. This is the same price as the Jan 2009 calls, and less than the Jan 2008 calls.

ILA has agreed to a buyout from another utility, GXP. Shareholders will vote to approve in early October. Payout is $1.80/share in cash, plus a fixed fraction of a GXP share. At the current price of GXP, the package is worth $4.28/share.

It is a case of picking up pennies, but I'm not too proud or wealthy to do just that.
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