Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Fly Buy: LLNW

I bought 5,000 LLNW @ $9.12.

Disclaimer: If you buy LLNW because of this post, your neighbor will dump toxic chemicals on your front lawn. And, you may lose money.

looks like another broken down MCHX, iiG, NTRI, BWLD....
A few points:

I'm still up more than 50% on BWLD, YTD.

I sold out of MCHX @ $13.

I'm up 25%+ on NTRI.

And, iiG is a new position. Don't judge it until December.

As for LLNW:

This is a great company, selling for peanuts. I always said, "when LLNW comes public, I'm gonna buy mee some."

So, here is my chance.

If it fails, at least I went with my convictions.

Hey, by the way, CHK cut supply the other day. This could be lending a hand to the rally in natty.
TIDE is a small cap building natural gas pipelines in Mexico...check it out
No, its the mafia. Ha, just messin' thanks for that info Fly. Your right, for some reason everyone keeps thinking it's becasue of "Crazy Canes."

NGAS inventory tomorrow, do we go long before the report?
cors paying 8%, what the fuk. Hope short squeeze a comes....

By the way I'm back from the north rim, fires are still burning at Cape Royal.
I'm just fuckin with you Fly. Hey, you convinced me. I just bot 5000 at 9.05
CHK cut production so they could start building debt financing convertibles. By the time they are done they expect to issue 1 note for every person in the world.
Jeff be careful that dividend may disappear soon:
Don't feck with CHecK, Yappy, they are the finest natty company in the world, and they buy their own stock.
Anyone know anything about "Progressive Corp.?"

I had one of those weird Boomer dreams just before waking up this morning, where I was hammering "PGR" into my Crackberry.
Jake I have traded CHK for over 2 years now. Guess what, the shit is still at the same price it was back in 05. Aubrey buying stock is nothing new and he buddy Tom realized that when he took off and cashed out. Sorry but I have no faith in the two anymore and personally any time its over 35 is a good time to short it.

Broker are you still in NYX? Thoughts?
Wait, I thought Polishedknob was my arch enemy?

NYX is a shitfucker. However, I own it.

SNDK getting the meatloaf kicked out of it.
Bob Pisani is such an asshat.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I watch CNBC
That's why I am watching Leave it to Beaver on TVLand. The Beav is in trouble with his school teacher. It makes more sense than CNBC right now.
NYX is a shitfuckers stock that is true. I guess they want to sell it off on thoughts of it buying NMX or someone. Constant pressure. Anyway I am buying 1/4 position here. Fuck it. Just looks too cheap.
gapping you are so totally right about CHK. that stock is the disappointment of disappointments. Who cares if Aubrey has 30 million shares, they will just issue another convertible. buy convert, short CHK, to infinity, and beyond. Total fuckhat company. Besides, soon we will be using palladium to heat our homes, I would really checkout SWC.
Hey broker would you mind throwing my new blog onto your links? Feel free to check it out 1st:

John Galt Jr.
nyx is cheap, provided estimates are low. If trading volumes are steady/up, and traders are leaving the floor, how does that portend serious increases in NYX? As in, why does cramer think this will go up 3x in 1 yr. (his pt was ~200)

serious question btw, not jackassery.
No I agree Danny. I mean the big cost of NYX is the fucking monkeys on the floor there. They need to move the shit into a true skeleton crew hybrid system. Let the machines do the monkey's jobs. People can say what they want about Cramer I could give two shakes of a cock but there is no doubt the guy is not that stupid to say that a stock is going to 200 and it have a ton of downside left from these levels. In other words even if he is only 1/8th right in his target the risk reward is very good at these levels. I am going to buy every $2 down from here until I fill my quota.
Why buy NYX when it's in such an obvious limpdick formation? That's schizzle's going back to sitty six ... at least!.

Meanwhile, CHK into cash is going to blow through $36, then $37.fitty, and finally through $39, the long term weekly breakout (take a look at the weekly charts once in a while, you mangotini-slurping five minute chart fucktards!).

To da moon, Alice!
I like that trade. I just wanted to know if there was something MAJOR I (and clearly SHs) were missing, in the NYX story. It's pretty fucking low at 70, there used be a lot of buy interest in the 70s
I like 1 week charts for anything not a trade
BRLC diarrhead the shower
NYX... archaic technology, archaic employees, archaic regulatory function... basically the Amex with a little garnet pinky ring on it's bloated finger.
I got out of all my BRLC calls on Monday using a stunning combination of pure luck and boredom.
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