Wednesday, September 26, 2007



I allocated about 25k in each of the following names: ERTS @ $55.75, BWLD @ $36.50 and SBUX @ $27.31.

Disclaimer: If you buy any of the above stocks because of this post, your only son will become a WWE wrestler. And, you may lose money.

1% = 10 million units x $20 = $200 million Gross profit
$200 - $50 million G&A = $150 million profit

$150 million / 60 million = $2.50 X PE 30 = $75


*NTRI short interest at 40%, wtf
MVIS is one of the best stocks I have ever owned. My most memorable plays have been WNR, MCF, PCO, VLO, FTO, WGR, HLT, and with time, MVIS.
broker -

ERTS: gift buying, Halo rising tide?
BWLD: Football season?
SBUX: Colder weather?

that the idea?
I have three sons, so I can afford to lose one to fake rasslin.

The other two will be Olympic freestyle champs.
yeah, what's with SBUX?
ERTS? Fly is a gamer.
The Fly is God.
No, I'm not a gamer. Video games are for kids or adult fucktards.

Rumor is GOOG-ERTS in game advertising deal.

Either way, ERTS is good here.
Mustache and "Prison Pussy" Ok (thats funny)

Jake your posting gems usually run in sync with MON. It's going to 100.

WAG is moving the ball down field dink and dunk

Thanks for noticing the MONster. Maybe there is a HANS tie in here somewhere...
I have to agree with you on SBUX---it's compelling at this level.

Plus, it's addictive, like cigarettes, only tastier.

However, not being one to consume "girl coffee", I still like Dunkin' Donuts coffee - black.
The superfluous use of an apostrophe to spell "Burrito's" is troubling.

BTW, this guy seems to really enjoy his mustache:
No, you're wrong.

Burrito's is always correct, no matter how it's spelled.

I'm more than occassionally concerned about some of the websites you blokes frequent.

But funny.
I read about a SBUX - AAPL thing today. Apparently SBUX is going to bring hear music to itunes. Sweet. If this is old news, go fuck yourself. It's new to me.
ERTS: gift buying, Halo rising tide?---Has had it's run, won't be enough focus on their games (minus Madden) with Halo out there.
BWLD: Football season?---priced in (P/E 32.5 too high)
SBUX: Colder weather?---has potential and I actually do have some yet still remains stagnant managements been pissing on our legs and claiming it's raining for months now...BTW AMZN's .89 cent music is going to supercede that of AAPL even if AAPL teams with SBUX it'll be too antiquated by the time it starts getting marketed.

Good luck to you though I've had all three of these be4 at one point or another and have had good luck except SBUX @ the moment.
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