Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Fly Sell: FMCN

I sold 15,000 FMCN @ $56.75.

partial sale.
"Get your share of billions being made in China".
Ill try this one more time. If you ignore it, say good bye to your mustache. Or at least your grandmothers mustache. XFML similar biz to FMCN...but a shady connection or 2...ever check it out?
fuck no cigar.
theyre makin tons of money,,,,control the media....hey, its like betting on a fixed horse race....what do you care if its rigged, if you bet the winner?

freaking rock star. love it

I love just being a mindless wonder some times. I blindly (kind of) purchased XFML after your rant and am up 8% in 1-hr. Your next Partagas black label is on me.

I love just being a mindless wonder some times. I blindly (kind of) purchased XFML after your rant and am up 8% in 1-hr. Your next Partagas black label is on me.
Joe. sweeet. I havent even ventured myself yet. But I'm watching it. triple digit growth and way down due to what looks like some petty B.S. thats kind of hard to sort thru. If it behave anything like FMCN, itll be a winner...im going long soon.

Thanks for the smoke. That's a good one!
Joe, I'm in with ya with a 50% postition for starters. I'm going to hold this one at least until earnings. they have been haing stellar q/q growth, a bunch of acquiations and even a buyback a couple months after the IPO...Odd no?

Up over 11% today.

I can dig it. definitley some real robster with this one so far.

1/3rd position for myself. I am mostly a technical retard that saw the bullish engulfing on the daily chart - volume doesn't suck either. I have a few other tech indicators that are all geeked out as well. So, a 1/3rd position (or 1/2 position) is definately worth it. Not to be a total mindless fucknut that follows charts, I delved a bit into their financials and fundamentals. I have to say, I am a bit worried from a fundamental standpoint. All it takes is one more Tiannaman events and this company is history (shut the fuck up you Mattel loving capitalists, they still violate human rights every goddamn day). Will be following the charts on this one, no long termer here.

I seriously want to send you some nice Partagas or Pedrons. Let me know how I can her them to you.


You are on my list as well for a nice smoke with that Belvadere Vodka Martini.

Fucker is up 20% TODAY! All geeked out.
Hope it holds joe. Have no idea what is causing it. I seriously thank you for the offer, but i have about 500 or 600 padrons and partagas about 9 feet from me. I'm all set. Ill take fly's martini tho. 3 olives.

Or in lieu of payment you may punch off fly's grandmothers mustache for him ignoring me and missing out on a 20% one day gain.

Then give her a martini too.
Ahhhh.....you are too kind. I will certainly pour the martini over flys head while kicking him in the shins and giggling like a little girl (wow - that excited me a bit). Hope I can return the favor one of these days. Fly - nothing but love for you too.
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