Thursday, September 13, 2007


Fly Sell: LAZ

I sold short 2,000 LAZ @ $41.43.

Disclaimer: If you sell short LAZ because of this post, JJ will sell SWC and the world will explode. And, you may lose money.

I am buying some BRLC here at 3.99. Don't think much of it but they have really awesome TV's for the price. Got two of them myself and this thing looks way way oversold.
Fly, if youre anxious for a risky play in energy, check out WWAT and read up on the Spain contract in the works, that is a fun gamble. Or if you don't like WWAT at all I would like to hear why. Thanks and your welcome. DW
Lori how many times are you going to post TWAT?
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Grande pussy, you are a cowboy indeed.
I worry that you may need hospitalization, Kerouac.

Have you had that gene test, done?
Christ look at NYX now.
Kerouac's Lament:

He asked me
Why do you ride for your money?
Why do you rope for short pay?
You ain't gettin' nowhere
And you're losin' your share(s)
You must've gone crazy out there...


No schit, it's a real song.
la grande-RIMM is really doing a tank here. Should have stayed with the short. Instead of McDonalds you could have done a trip to Scottsdale for dinner.
Anyone watching this manhunt in Florida? Its much better than CNBC. Who wouldn't want to see a manhunt for someone with multiple AK-47's and full body amour.
I'm short RIMM at the moment, I'm thining of holding overnight. AM I nuts?
If the retail numbers are better than expected... you'll be riding on your rims...
True, I better not.
Why do I feel like I'm having an LSD flashback when I read la grande poussée posts?

Is that just me?
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How the flick did you end up in accounting?

Did you do commune taxes?
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