Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon

Frankieeee !

that guy was fantastic in his prime
Restaurant chain operator Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. will replace Corn Products in the S&P SmallCap 600 on Oct. 1.
Fly knew that. His time machine is humming.
It's about time to go short the Euro.

FXE looks primed for a reversal.
you sure dog, bush asking for 200 billions
Went short the Yen (CME futures) two days ago. Took some heat yesterday, but profited nicely today. Nice double hump on its way down to the 200 ema. Gamed it based on the nice U Turn in the U.S. indices. All we need is a break of the short term highs this week and the yen will be screaming to the south side. Bank on this my friends - we will awake in the morning to a breakdown of the yen and a rocket of the indices to the wonderment of the short fucks that all said we needed a double fuckin bottom. Side benefit during that ride will be Chinese stocks. God, I love my positions right now: (1) short the yen, (2) long the indices (via CME e-minis), and (3) long U.S. and international equities. Just watch the yen tonight and you will know what will happen in the morning.
Francis Albert Sinatra.

Ah Hoboken!
I know a better way to play a reversal in the dollar's misfortune.

I'll tell you all tomorrow, maybe.

They are money makers.
King Francis is da fucking bomb. Fuck the rest. Frank rules.
Futures are off and running. We are about to see a big flush on the Yen and a historic breakout on Thursday for US and other markets. God I pity the shorts. Even you Fly for holding on to those retarded shorts as hedges. My son uses a blanky when he is afraid of the dart. Man up and go all in. Hedges, what are you a Hedge Fund Manager - stop pretending and get naked long like the rest of us and enjoy the cool breeze on your penis.
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