Saturday, September 15, 2007


Fuck Your Quotes, You're Fired.

What's with all of these book reports and misspellings?

If Jeremy is out there thinking "hmm, I wonder why that prick fired me again"?

Two reasons:

1. You misspelled "maybe" in the title of your post.

2. You mentioned some shit about Axis v Allies board game. What the fuck is that corn can shit?

You're better off playing with your Hitler doll, than fucking around on this blog.

Out you go.

Off to eat some yellow tail sushi. It's quite good, actually.

love yellow tail. Fly, you ever try uni? That shit rocks too! Also a little kampachi and some unagi are nice addition to any sushi plate.
Can't you get Hamachi via foodstamps? If you are into heavily salted and lightly peppered rib-eyes, get yourself some toro.
....and make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the following video on sushi-ya etiquette prior to ordering.
then bow to your sensei!
Didn't get back until just now...

"Nota bene":

1) The misspelling was from being lazy. As you know, I don't time to be checking for any typos that I might make on some fourth-tier blog; I'm far too busy bombing Russia.

2) I realize that WWII strategy isn't for everybody. Like chess, it's complex and requires quite a bit of thinking. If you spend your leisure hours watching American Idol, then A&A isn't likely to hold your interest. Everybody's different...

3) Fly for President 2008.
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