Monday, September 10, 2007


God Bless America

This is not going to be one of those sappy 9/11 posts. We have all seen the tributes and I'm sure most of you, despite political leanings, feel anger when the 9/11 anniversary arrives.

On that day, I was in front of the Towers when the first airplane hit. As you know, it was pandemonium, an experience I will never forget-- as long as I live.

Now, the following video is not meant to be political. However, having close family and friends in the U.S. Marines, I choose to show a video of America's strength, instead of victim-hood.

Part of the problem with this country is its incredible sense of defeatism. Frankly, I believe most people, at heart, are soft, latte drinking, blackberry using pussies. Whether you're a supporter of the war or not is irrelevant. Just be grateful there are better men, than you and I, out there to punch back, when asked to.

I am a blackberry using poussie. With a brother in the Marines.

Thanks for the tribute.

Saw a great Marine bumper sticker the other day:

"Protecting Idiot Libs, Too!"

Semper fi and God Bless 'em all.
The Marines kick ass.

Fuck the softies that post here, you know who you are fuckers.
My Wife's brother served 4 times in Iraq.

He's had first hand experience punching mustache's off.
The thing that really gets me is the seemingly growing segment who actually think 9/11 was some kind of inside job. Retarded.

Pisses me off.
I agree there are way too many fucking pussies now in America. When you got fuckers complaining about playing tag or dodge ball at school then your gonna breed pussies. Man up you fucking dick licking faggots and go fire off a few rounds while putting down a fucking Bud every now and then. If this isn't to your taste or you live in the city then go kick it with the homies down at the VFW for awhile and learn what a real man is. Off to bed now, we have a meeting of faggots tomorrow to decide whether or not to send us into a recession.
People still think Pearl Harbor was an inside job.

More than retarded.

Those people think our Gov't officials are efficient super humans. I think they are mostly fucktards.

Hence, no conspiracy theories--just incompetence.
And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.



Thanks for posting that vid.

May we never forget.
sweet. yes.
The new conspiracy is a nuke detonation in the Midwest conspired by a PPT type offset of the US government whereby giving the US the go ahead to mushroom Iran. This is making the circles in certain intellectual corners. This shit never ends. I have my gradfather's distinguished Flying Cross in my top dresser droor from WWII. If the extremists want to bring shit my way I will pull it out along with a heavy arsenal of knives and uncorked autos. If I were younger I probably would not be typing this. God Bless the USA.
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all i'll say is it takes a bunch of old, lying, draft dodging pussies, to waste brave men & womens lives for nothing
and another conspiracy is that Chavez is behind the Mexican pipeline sabotage giving Bush a reason to go punch Chavez mustachio off
amen to your first comment bruce
Very nice blogging comment and video tribute. Without sounding too political, we have the best military in the world and if they were allowed to do its job everything would be good. Many (not all) Repub. and Dem. politicos are basically moronic fucktards more interested in power than doing whats right for this country. They will prostitute themselves for a few votes rather than doing what is right. Where are the Churchills and the Pattons?
Without sounding too apolitical Ron Paul for el Prezidente

not that he has a fucking chance because humans are fucktarded
major reversal in shanghai to the tune of down 4.5 %

to blame was a 6.5% increase in august inflation. Pork & other meat was up 49% y/y. cooking oil 34.6%, eggs 23.6%, fresh vegetables 22.5%

trade surplus was up 33% in aug . Chinas trade surplus with the US is 103 billion thru august. last year it was 232.5 billion.
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How does a guy in a cave a across the world take down and entire nation with countless billions in war technology, and get away with it? Oh yeah, those marines are somthing hahaha!
it has nothing to do with 'too stupid'

that comment is too stupid

everyone is born unto different circumstances
don't blame it on the marines .. they are pawns who take marching orders from those who supposedly aren't 'too stupid'

you want too stupid ?
this is america, th eland of opportunity, whether being born rich or poor, anyone can make it,if they try... thats the beauty of capitalism, no?
Sdufour, Fuck you. You dick for nothing lap dog breeder.
on paper anyone can make it ... in reality, its quite a different matter

at least one has a chance on paper around here

got to start somewhere

You're not welcome here.

Go away.
"Whether you're a supporter of the war or not is irrelevant. Just be grateful there are better men, than you and I, out there to punch back, when asked to."

Nice post, Fly. I was down there too however, idiot that I am, I hung around for the second plane.

No reason to make comments like that. Go fuck yourself.
SD4 - How does your sister suck 15 dicks a day when she only has one mouth? Sounds impossible but she does it.
Hey SD4,
If it were upto marines they would have already caught the fucker and dragged him by his beard to bring him to justice. It's those goat fuckers in Washington D.C. are to blame. Marines follow orders and risk their lives. If you think you can do a better job than why don't you pick up a fucking gun and go to Afganistan and catch him, instead of running you mouth on a blog.
Fuck you and shut your cumbucket. You'd look good with a 13 knot and peach basket.
I almost lost my girlfriend on that day. She was in the subway, under the towers. Not hearing from her for the next 2 hours was the longest 2 hours of my life.
Semper Fi
VMW up a quick 7% to $82.
Can't let little internet Fucks with imaginary big dicks get you down.
God Bless America! I remember and I support our troops.
Peace and Love

Fly is God
Thanks Fly, my son in law was a
Marine in Iraq in a tank the whole
time. My husband in Nam.

Glad to see that you are at least a libertarian and not a commie, like I first suspected.

But voting for Ron, the fucking Nutjob, Paul is the definition of "too stupid."

Ron's a luddite, and the antithesis to modern capitalism, without which, your investment capital is dog shit.
9/11 was a false flag. Fly, being a space alien magician, I would expect you to know this. Unless you are playing dumb?
Semper Fi.

Good post Fly.
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