Wednesday, September 19, 2007


HANS on Wallstrip

Howard finally capitulated to "The Fly" and made a HANS video, starring Cramer.

Fucking hysterical.

"How can you live without the extra sugar!!!!!"

Funny shit. Ha Ha.
I dunno man, treading awful close to disrespecting the legacy of Bill Bixby.

Which is sacrilege.


On another note:

The ask on LAZ is now punching $46.

(Rate cuts mean M&A game on)

Where the fluck is MD Sawzall?

I want to know how much coin he banked yesterday.
Mdawsz was half right- long IB's but short Oil. I hope he did well.
their best one yet
Have Howie do NTRI next LOL!!

What does it say about a person who constantly attempts to injure another?

Last time I checked, 80% of my stocks are ripping today, yet you come on here, disrespectful, talking shit about NTRI.

Go eat a sandwich with a pretty woman, instead of coming here with your rubbish.
Fly, dispense with the soft, reflective side. We don't pay you for your psychoanalysis. We'd rather see you tell him to hump a toad.
It means they have multiple shortcomings.
Better, hump two toads, clasped in a fist.
Shed I did pretty good. Covered USO but caught the moves in GS and BSC. I wanted a piece of a homebuilder long but couldn't get it done for whatever reasons. Should have played in XHB for that group. Maybe I should get back to bloggin'.

Why does MVIS have to act so gay above 4.80? WTF, who picks up a few shares at 4.70 only to dump them at 4.80?

Oh, and if Iran is gonna talk smack about dropping bombs on Israel maybe I shouldn't fool around shorting oil!
Humping toadshit today with ARWR & MCHX. AXR looks sick.
Dung Fly, sell those stocks and buy/trade some of your own ideas. It will be more fulfilling and you'll most likely be more successful.
Blog again, M!
All right. What's up with NTRI now?
Shed, check your mail.
I think I'm going to the tattoo parlor this afternoon, and, in honor of all the BIDU calls I've sold over the last two days, I'm going to have the following lanced across the top of my forehead, for easy morning viewing:


I like the pithiness, but am still debating throwing this on at the end:

Dammit fuckers when MVIS gets the volatility squeeze today, I expect every single one of you to visit my blog and give my ads some good lovin'.

Mama wants to go out to eat at Red Lobster.
Jake, weren't you calling for BIDU $1000 a few weeks back? Goddamn, that thing has nearly tripled since April.
That shit is fucking hillarious!
Actually, I think it was Beannie, the crazy asshat over in "Beannie1111" who was screaming about $1000 BIDU.

Who knows, he could be right. There's no question this fekker is going north. My problem is I've been holding Sept $240's through two months of pain, and...

I ... just ... sold... the fekkers... too fekking ... early!!

thx fly. great call on hans
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