Monday, September 24, 2007


Herb Greenberg, the HANS basher, wants his bike back

NOTE: He asked a HANS long.

Oh yeah, you're a real star, selling over $350,000 of the stock under 50 last week. Big talker...
Hey fuckface, I'm long HANS from the high 20's.

Also, selling some of my HANS is not a big deal. I still own a truckload.

How much you wonder?

ANSWER: None of your fucking business, fuckface.
Hey Jimmy ask yourself who was right and who was wrong.

Basically, I'm Deebo.

By the way, with most of my HANS proceeds, I bought BWLD.

Not too bad of a swap.
I have no position in HANS, just calling out bullshit where it is.
loob, you're a fag-douecer.

Anyway, see what this video is in response to on youtube, pretty funny
OK. 5 bucks ago you said you would buy GME up here...think it will pull back after the Halo-hype? I fear I may have missed that sucker.
Maybe that fucker could write a scathing piece on MVIS and light a fire under that dormant bitch.
Loob, not like fly needs anybody to defend him, but get the facts before you offer your interpretive "bullshit" dance.

It's on record from Fly: HANS to 70.

Obviously he wasnt trying to catch the top. You have a problem locking in 100% profits?
crap error in GME post..daid you WOULDNT buy GME up here. think it was 49 then...

Sorry. It's weird for me, since I'm long from $6 on GME.

Honestly, I never watch the stock, despite it being one of my largest positions.

I just assume it will be alright. I like to buy it on dips.


Hans to 70? Sell at 50? Dude is not only dishonest (liar) but he is playing you.
This is the last on HANS:

I always said "HANS to $70" on a buyout. Without, I felt the stock would go to $52.

Now, if you have a problem with "The Fly" taking some cash out of his 2nd largest position, following a historic run, that is due to your own asshattery, not mine.

Don't Monday morning QB. And again, I still have several million dollars worth of HANS left.

Now fuck off, already.

I want to buy BWLD.
Loob? Where's your blog?

Are you on Covestor?

We are all dying to see your great trades.
Woodshedder, you lick balls. Now go do some shitty trading and post it on your blog.
Yeah Shed PTT is up 3.5% today.

Loob boy what up dk?
Yea, we need to see some bowlegged band or such on MVIS.
snap cuz, I wish I could chill in on this


Ahhh Jimmy Loob.

J. Loob knows of my shitty trading. He must be an old dingleberry with a new identity.

You do know what a dingleberry is, don't you J Loob?

So we get to the heart of the matter that J Loob is all talk, with nothing more than a new identity and trailer park wit to back it up.

You go J Loob!
Woodshedder fly has commented on your trading almost everyday for the last couple weeks. It's not hard to spot man. Been lurking here for a couple months.
J Loob- kewl.

Does it not seem to be absurd to make fun of something that I freely put out everyday? I mean, why would I put my trades out there if taking a ribbing about them would bother me?
Fly, expect anything out of BWLD for 3Q results? Most of the Q would be comprised of people too damn lazy to barbecue their own chicken. Only a few weeks worth of football-watching, wing-inhalers and puking college pukes will be in this Q's earnings.
Whoodshedder, I don't know, maybe you have brain damage? You're an odd lot short so to speak. Besides, you started talking to me, not vice versa.
Indulge me one more fly, Obviously i'm looking to make a couple buys soon. Think I'll sell RS for a gain.

You have me convinced on BWLD. I'm looking for one more.

GME is tempting because of it's growth, HANS is tempting cuz if it gets into Europe and college puke cocktails, it could to well. But both are pretty high right now.

I think I need come China in my portfolio. What was it in your DD that convinced you to get into a 25M/Q company?
J Loob- use me as your contrary indicator. As I said before, what do I care.

I will look forward to your continued company around here. Maybe next time you'll bring something to the table. Maybe a stock tip, or maybe even a joke.
I think I need come China in my portfolio. What was it in your DD that convinced you to get into a 25M/Q company

[above ref is for EJ for those wondering..looks like 3Q is usually their worst and 4Q usually the best BY FAR]
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