Friday, September 14, 2007


"Hold your breath"

In case you are wondering, that is Doug Kass at the beach.

QEPC ripping the living shit out of the shorts.
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My guess is that we go higher. Not betting on it, though.
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I never watch the $tick. I used to-- not any more.
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Guys, please consider BOOM. I'm not pumping, its a bonafide winner.

Short squeeze: BOOM has almost 100% institutional ownership, 2.3MM shares short (22% of available shares, but with little float due to ownership), accelerating earnings, raised guidance, blah blah

News: I believe a major contract win is going to be announced soon from one or more of the following.

LNG vessel:

Oxygen rich environments (i.e. POX autoclaves for copper, gold, and/or nickel sulphide)

Corrosion and Hydriding of a Titanium Column in Acetic Acid Service

GE's H System Gas Turbine

Aker Kvaerner Mega Purified Terephthalic Acid Project In Portugal

Action: PPS bounced hard off the 50 day last week. Up almost 5 pts.

$50 soon. $68 target.
Looks like BOOM is setting up nicely, for a free fall.
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you like cenx still?
that looked more like sam malone than the kassman
new - you are truly a goober. please short BOOM. i will gladly sell you my shares at $68.
who is deleting all these comments? DON'T POST IF YOU'RE GOING TO DELETE IT!
Keep an eye on GOOG, mat be ready to break the fuck out, and fill the gap.
the great pussy is deleting his comments - hence his moniker "le grande poussee"
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Bring up a 3 mo chart. around july 20th
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Kerouac; Get a sack and leave your posts up.

Geezus, you are the most immature 65 year old I've ever encountered.
Brucie -- what's more, you really get a nice view of Sam Malone's toupee with those watersoaked shots.
Delete me if you wish, but before you do sir, please go long DIVX, ARWR, MCHX, MATH, AXR, AZZ, LNN, and CORS.

Moon Alice old fucks rule!
Oh i forgot about ARWR and MATH and CORS and WGAT. LMFAO!!!!
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oil up, natgas up, gold up, dollar getting flushed, milk up, OJ up, wheat up, food up, jobs down, home prices down

be careful out there ... have cash or hedges .. this is not gonna be any up up & away market from here

don't get sucked into good times are here again .. they aren't ... yet

ok .. thats my bear rant du jour
hair club for men ! or was that before he needed a piece?
oh ... and MVIS is queer
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Bruce, I thought that movie was before, but check out the scenes where his "hair" is getting wet and wetter... Looks like an old mop on his head....
that movie was made in 1982 ... danson was only 34 .. it may have been real back then ... but it does look a bit off
My god look at the market hold up today. I mean over this week we have seen a roaring market yet I am under performing all because of this gay fucking stock MVIS. Tokman needs to man up, grab his fucking black belt and get busy. Look we have not had any news at all, no fucking disclosure of the MOT terms, no nothing. He has two weeks until I am selling my fucking 30,000 shares. Love the shit out of the company and products but not enough to sit here and let my money go unused. Broker you got to talk to that hat fucker before he starts losing shareholders.
Looking for possible commodity Oil,Gold,etc.) selloff into the close
What would get MVIS moving is insiders buying more that 1000 shares. If they ponied up as much dough as the internuts in this chat room, the stock would shoot up.

Fly - tell Tokeman to get some cheap financing from CFC and start buying.
Sexual orientation of the stock aside...MAVIS certainly trades like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.

MVIS is a long term story.

Short term traders will get flushed out.

Tokman is "not a rich man yet."
its flatlined for 3 months ... the only ones making money on it are the banks & brokers ... its their fantasy stock

ok .. LT story .. but technology has a shelf life .. long term, change & competition come into play decreasing present value as time goes on
i am not giving you a hard time .. its only been a few months of flatlining, not that long in the scheme of things .... just saying is all
If MVIS were a man, it would be a cockgobbler who wears pink shirts and pink ties.

Oh wait. That's Dylan Ratigan's wardrobe of choice.

Never mind.
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