Sunday, September 09, 2007


Holy Shit, You're All Fired

While "The Fly" gingerly strolled through the aisles of TGT, Danny and Jeremy were turning this "high end," "rich man whiskey" drinking, 2 1/2 inch rib eye eating place of internet business into a fucking "shoot 'em up" ghetto.

As you know, there is nothing permissible about "Ghetto-ising" "The Fly's" place of internet business. Moreover, because of this breach, I will no longer post silly-ass gangster rap video's, despite enjoying them a great deal.

Instead, I will post satanic devil music, in an effort to empower my new Voodoo Physician's already "flavorful" powers (he cooks a mean curry chicken).

To Jeremy and Danny--

Thanks for all your help. Now, go fuck yourselves.

That is all.

hey I'm not done with mexico's beard, it;s good.
filled with facts! A real article! you gotta let me post it. It's still sunday!
thank you, you shan't be disapointed
I called it!
These guys need to go into exile.
Exile won't help them as they will be extradited for crimes against the internet.
Guys, you haven't let Fly down. He is at his happiest firing weekend bloggers. When he says "Thanks for all your help. Now, go fuck yourselves.", what he's really saying is "thankyou thankyou thankyou! I love you guys! Donald Trump has nothing on me!"

either that or hes worried his site has become home to too many wiggers.
Mexico does look like a beard, so I am curious as to what Danny comes up with, assuming he hasn't already been cut off.
Posting a few well-received, Fly-approved articles, followed by an inconceivably retarded post is my signature. This is probably the third time that I've pulled this kind of shit.

And yes, the videos are a joke. I don't know how anyone can keep a straight face while watching them-- let alone get angry enough to post a message about how upset they make them feel.

Stay tuned for the next book review. I've got two more Fly recommendations coming in the mail on Tuesday.

Until then...
posting satanic devil music?

try Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Venom, or Graves at Sea.

They'll suck the blood out of the Big Tymers and Young Jeezy.
Jeremy, I like your posts, but I hate how you have to analyze the whole deal after it is over.
The fact that Danny re-posted a previous post reminds me of when I have to shave my face with an old, rusty bladed razor because I forgot to pick up more at the store.

All those cuts and rashes aside, I say you let him post his Mexico: America's Beard.
Real Satanic verses can be found in the music of The Osmonds and Barry Manilow if you play the music backwards while standing on your head. The phrase they keep repeating is about the Devil.
Manilow is pretty fucking evil. Don't forget Neil Diamond.

Pure blackness.
Sweet Caroline is my seven year old's favorite song.

Well, it is an evil song. Sorry.
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