Friday, September 21, 2007


House of Pain - Jump Around

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Sorry, I hate blog traffic.

I'm trying to get these assholes from visiting my blog. They just won't go away.
Okay, this is one of the reasons I keep thinking I might know you.

Yesterday, my favorite movie clip of all time.

Today, a rap video/tune that I actually like best out of the whole genre.

In fact-- and and I'm not shitting you-- yesterday, when you posted that other incomprehensible jumble of semi-formed arrhythmic sentences that they're now calling a "hip-hop video," I was going to comment:

I think the last good one of these was House of Pain's "Jump Around."

I've got a schitload of brothers, maybe you're one of them.
"The Fly" doesn't have any brothers, being that he is a automated computer banking machine.
AZZ is a zinc play too.

Let's see if Cramer knows his shit.
I hear they're looking to get into palladium
"The Fly" doesn't have any brothers, being that he is a automated computer banking machine.

Yeah, two or three of them are that way.
Aside: This vid is also remniscent of one of my top five movies of all time:

State of Grace

Rent it at your local Blockbuster today.
Jake and the Fly finally meet each other.
Watch yourself, Spidah.


Myself, I preferred Pesci's My Cousin Vinnie.
"..excuse me, but I think a modacum of gratitude would not be outta line here."
The girlfriend got the best lines:

So whatta you now? A fuckin' woooorld travelah?
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