Wednesday, September 05, 2007


"If ain't bad, you get fucked"

Richard Pryor was a comic genius.
Fly - I'm just sending this to finish up with my RIMM short - I was fully loaded at an average cost of 85.35
I just covered the short at 83.45.

Before I go on, and I'm sure you probably will not post this correctly.

I was not happy that you altered my last post near the end of last week.
You're bigger than that.

I shorted a good sized quantity
of MVIS at 5.03 and doubled my cover at 4.81 so I'm long again.

thanks for posting this correctly or deleting it.

Listen here you old horse fucker:

I don't have the power to "alter" comments on blogger.

Therefore, go fuck off into the sunset of ignorance.

Shit fucker.
Seth Tobias was found dead in his Florida pool:

He was pretty good . . . so sad.
I guess after examining my entire google search - jake gint must have done it. He has quite a chip on his shoulder and worked on me with misinformation - maybe bad connections in his brain. Or there is some kind of flaw on your site - If you look at the roy and dale rogers post - that was not mine - click on my avatar
than go to any other post I made and click on the avatar - you'll see the doctoring done.

It's your site man!
Try not be such a paranoid old geek, Kerouac. What do I look like, Steve Wozniak or something?

Maybe if you use a double chin strap on your tin foil helmet, stuff like this will stop happening to you.
You gotta be freaking joking me with this volume.

Whom do they think they are kidding?
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