Sunday, September 02, 2007


I'm Thirsty

Note: I'm long SAM.

In Nashville we break the bottlenecks off our empty beer bottles and play slide guitar. Here's a Nashville street musician playing in front of the downtown FedEx Kinko's.

Note: Long FDX too.

... and with that last vid ("beer run"), I'll have you know I'm putting you in for "Weekend Blogger of the New Century" at the Bloggie Awards this year.

Sorry, Danny.
BTW -- I'm long UPS.
jake, your vote matters naught.
that last vid was my favorite of all you put up .. that fat, 4-eyed, slide playing, tamborine unwashed dude . liked it way better than those slick, polished, squeeaky kleen, well paid, sold-out-to-the-man musicians. That was cool. I'd have dropped a few in his disgusting grimy hat that he likely %&$*'s when he gets back to his tornado riddled trailer park.

Great sound out of that there guitar.
D --

I guess you're right, since it didn't matter last time when I voted for you, either.
Bruce, You can't top Page slidin' around.
Also, regarding your previous post somewhere down below. Even though Felix is forecast to miss the major U.S. GOM oil producing areas, it is aiming very close to Mexico's Cantarell field in the BoC, which accounts for more than 60% of Mexico's oil production. Majority of that production heads this way.
Enjoyed the music video in front of the Kinkos. Fly can probably verify that broken beer bottlenecks are used for other purposes in the Bronx (from what I understand).
crude, Page wasn't playing slide there, but I guess you were using slang for some picking ... he was great back then though .

Well, its a good thing we got an oil expert on top of things .. is that natgas production out of cantarell?
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