Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Important Matter of Link Exchange Requests

After reading Barry's rant on how stupid all of you (internet leech) are, "The Fly" felt like adding a few gold coins to the argument.

Basically, Barry doesn't like you third tier bloggers emailing him anything. Also, he doesn't like blogs that sound like his (Big Picture), check this. I wonder what jerk off would go through the trouble of making that blog? Geez.

Anyway, to sum up Barry's post, while adding a few of my own salient points, "The Fly" will give you 8 fucking rules to obey.

1. Don't ever name blogs that sound like Fly, Monster, Oatmeal, Mustache or Chicken Wings. If you choose to do so, like this fucking oatmeal blog, "The Fly" will NEVER grace you with linkage.

2. If you fucking beg to be on my blogroll, I'll have your mustache punched off. It's that simple.

3. Don't email me anything. I do not want to be invited to your fucking low-end parties, geeky web discussions-- or desire any offers to advertise on my site. I don't need your stupid, dirty internet money. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the destruction of your website or lead to your arrest, via law enforcement.

4. No, I won't introduce you to the Wu-Tang Clan.

5. Never invite me to your social networking sites. Just know this, "The Fly" hates people. Therefore, inviting him to places where people can be found is always a bad idea.

6. Should you have the balls to send me an email with an attachment, just know: "The Fly" will reply with a fucking virus from hell, which will melt your hard drive like a cheap candle-- within seconds of opening it.

7. Before emailing me information, understand, I already know about that shit. Don't you get it already? "The Fly" is a fucking space alien magician, who possesses both "calculator brain" and "time machine."

8. Don't send me real, semi-real or fake links. Also, never even think about sending me old news or future news. As you know, I already know it. However, it's worth noting, I will accept "breaking news." Never mail me food, clothes, jewelry or anything that may carry germs. Finally, never question who tested and validated "The Fly's" IQ of 155, and whether he can read 800 words per minute or not. Failure to follow my suggestions will result in your house falling into a sinkhole. And, you may lose money.

Have you notified flyonthewall of your intentions?
Woodshedder, you beat me to it. Nice.
Flyonthewall stole from me.

Try to prove otherwise.

Go ahead.
Also, if you run money for ZZ Top, I'd love to meet Billy Gibbons. Thanks in advance.
I think I came off a little paranoid with that Fly comment.

I may have to destroy the comments section because of it.

Never mail me food, clothes, jewelry or anything that may carry germs.

Shit-- I just FedEx'd a Hefty bag full of "hand-me-downs" to your house.

No worries. I send a hefty bag back to you, with an atom bomb inside.
So, if he stole it from you, are you going to challenge him to a cage fight?

Or are you going to continue to allow yourself to be abused in such a way?
This blog is becoming a real rag. Has a Dunkin' Donuts type of feel... "developing"
Best post YTD.

But, this one is my favorite.
This one is better.

You are fucking hysterical. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard (make it stop!). I nearly pissed myself reading that --


P.S. Its not that I don't want mail from anyone, I just don't want 19 emails telling me about an article I already posted about last week. Or begging for a blogroll exchange. Or a hook up with Becky Quick or Alexis Glick
You sound like Howard Hughes-do you buy Purell and Clorox wipes by the case?
Hey Fly, a while back you asked me for an oil play. This stock is worth taking a look at, APAGF.

An associate of mine who worked for Williams used to trade and supply the Memphis refinery (bought by Premcor, now VLO). When Williams sold its crude assets to Saracen he went to Saracen and is still in contact will some of the indviduals that run APAGF. He is still telling me to own it.
Add me to your blog roll. It will be called, Investing Like a Space Alien Magician.
I read Barry's blog and see that the NY Times gave it a favorable review. Realize that the majority of the USA outside of NYC knows the NYT sucks, its management and publisher blows, and that it is heading for Chapter 11. In conclusion, try and avoid a favorable review from a has been paper or else you too are doomed (or at least don't advertise the review on you blog).
This just in: websites named "Investing Like a Space Alien Magician" are also illegal.

being the internet fucktard that I am, I missed the CGXEF train. I read the link about the decison being made on Thursday but sat on my ass... Has it left the station for good or should i still try to hop on?
I think I came off a little paranoid with that Fly comment.

I may have to destroy the comments section because of it.

Just this comments section?.
The Fly on Main Street just got pissed.
I'm starting to think there are two or more authors of this blog. The writing voice changes so dramatically...sentence structure, meter.

What I perceive as the second "voice" is clearly inferior to the primary author. The second voice, which I think wrote this post, sounds forced.

You hiring someone out on the side?
Your trader servant?
Boomer you're dreaming!
Boomer, the Fly is clearly pissed that he is having to blog on the weekends. That is the only reason for any change.

However, I think Mrkcbill is correct about your fantasies.
as a new blogger and long time trader I didnt realize there was so much BS out there in blogging land.
WTF are you morons talking about?

Boomer, since when are you allowed to opine on sentence structure and/or quality writing?

Go eat some hot hot coffee beans.
Is that you Broker A or your trader/savant?

I can't tell anymore.
now that was broker a - only he would a) pick up on my hot hot line, and know that I used it deliberately. and b) reference it again, some weeks later.

Come clean, who's the fake? Of is this part of "The Fly" device?

slow Sunday. No games I care about.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I like these new rules, Fly; but I liked some of the old rules better.

Like that one where you demanded that all of your readers conform to a "dress code" when visiting the site. You know, the one where everyone had to sport a tux-- so as to conform to the "rich man's whiskey" image of the site.

This place has degenerated into a "shoot-em-up ghetto" ever since it became an everyday-is-casual-Friday-type of affair. Its repeal has done nothing but invite drive-by palladium solicitations.

I motion to re-instate the dress code.
I guess I've made it under the radar.
i'm glad I already know all about the wu
And another thing:

In addition to cleaning up the "I don't care if I look like a Dunkin' Donuts patron" dress code, you ought to tidy-up your blog links. I mean, why would the Fly, through link exchange, provide what basically amounts to free advertising to a "poor man's" FlyOnWallStreet (such as "Trade While Jerking"). That's like running a Denny's commercial during an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. WTF?

Things used to be better, though. Back when it was just a few select blogs and the ever-popular Seasonality Report (which was for several weeks "The Fly's" most active link-- until it was bought by Uncle Howard for $500,000, who, the next day, sold it under a new name to Murdoch for $2,000,000).
The post was written by me, you imbeciles.

What, you didn't like it?


I like the way you think. Dress code forthcoming.
"Trade While Jerking" lmao...

I think that is what the Goddess's blog is for.
Its past labor day. Summer dress code is over. Back to traditional work attire
Funny stuff

You need more testosterone, dude.

Nice weekend work.
TY Fly.

I alluded to that data in the comments section here last week.

Anyway, your weekend posting gave me more than enough of a refill of testosterone.
Check your bra at the door, before you go to work tomorrow.

broker a....

you will buy more KGS here?? looks good for buying ifd you ;)

Hey draklor, with your fancy closed blog--what's funnier, Seu lambedor de xotas menstruadas, or O teu olho do cú é tão grande que até uma nave espacial cabe lá dentro?

where u hearing those saying? very bad!! ahaehaheheahe >:)

u r not BR-- so play tibia?

you up 72% ytd. wow. nice going fucker.
All Chinese bases are belong to us, tonight.
How can you live without the extra sugar?!?!?!?!?
EMC breaking out
UBS metals analysts have figured out which companies in their coverage universe have the highest leverage to changes in the gold price. The degree of leverage is based on operating cost structure, exposure to base metals, and growth in gold production.

UBS found that high-cost producers Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSS), and Alamos Gold Inc. (AGIGF.PK) have the most leverage. Golden Star's net asset value (NAV) is calculated to grow 34% if gold moves from $650/oz to $750/oz, the analysts said, while Alamos would experience a 34% jump in its NAV.
My cousin trades gold for UBS.

When she got in the bidness, you couldn't give gold away. Now she's making a half a bajillion a year.

Crude's been there.
Cubes breaking out. Good news for tech bull.
HANS is unreal

BWLD rides
Many of the gold stocks are really bullshit. Look at the charts several years back and you will see that when gold was $150-$200 lower many of the gold stocks were 30-50% higher than they are today. NEM,GSS,etc. suck. ABX,AEM are acting okay but South African (HMY,GFI) stocks are doomed. There costs are high and the reserves are down to zilch. Gold stocks are for trading only and not long term investments IMO.
Whats with AAPL up $5 bucks
This comment has been removed by the author.
Word to ya moms:

IOC gettin' ready to take off again.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Take a look at what AUY finally paid for MDG.
I would have thought that AUY would've taken a bigger hit this morning. I would look for a NEM takeover by somebody soon, maybe by ABX.
good thought
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