Monday, September 24, 2007


Johnny Cash - Hurt

The stock market was down today? Tell that to the dry bulk shippers EXM, SEA, OCNF, DRYS, DSX, EGLE

I own EXM and DRYS
Fly- good music choice.

Of course you know who produced his last few CDs.
Incredibly moving.


One thing I'm not sure I get, though.

I thought JCC had died before that album came out?

It was kind of startling to see her in the vid.
roll that bean footage.

BWLD is great pick

SRS is going to go up folks. Prices have moved significantly more than any time in the last 100+ years. Why is that? That's the question, I think it is just the printing of more money and soon to be transfer of ownership.
Hey Jeff, do you think the holocaust was an inside job, just like your close friend and ally President Ahmadinejad?
If I was at Columbia today I would have thrown chicken wings and full cans of Monster at the little prick in the dinner jacket. I only saw clips but I saw the spoiled Ivy League punks give him a nice ovation at the end. The only time they booed and laughed at him was when he said there were no gays in Iran.
I am glad my daughter didn't go to that overpriced institution and decided on UVA instead (although they had a few out of touch nut job profs too).
mdawsz, no politics fuck face.

For the record, he never said Israel is to be wiped off the map. It was a bad translation, now being spun.

You go to FEMA camp soon.
Hmmm, at the very least you are his apologist. Nice, your mama must be proud.
Make a claim mdawsz... ??? what do you want to debate? If politics, go to my blog.
What he actually said was "erased" from the map.
Let me guess...

Or is the other side of the nutjob apple:


That naive dipshit Bollinger used to run my college before he went to Columbia to become a terrorist maitre d'. Like a friggin' commie loopy de loop.
Yeah, he's a great guy. No, there was no Holocaust, and no we don't want to destroy Israel, our "brothers."

For the bonus round he'll take "No Phagoles in My Country" for $200, Alex.
lmao @ Jake.
I guess there'll be no need for a TV show like "Queer Eye for the Iranian Guy."

The possibilities with this stuff are endless.
MD -- yeah, Queer Eye'd have a hilarious take filmed in suburban Tehran:

After 40 minutes of fussily "transforming" the decidedly un-stylish turbaned Al Qu'uds Revolutionary Guardsman into a suitable bridegroom (for a never seen bhurka clad "arrangement bride") our foppish five end each episode with a hasty arrest, followed by a cheery ceremonial wall-toppling, face branding and/or group hanging in the city square. Be sure to tune in!
Hey assholes:

Should you get the urge to talk politics, go to Kos or Free Republic.

When you come here, talk money or die.
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Are there any listed companies that cater to the gay Iranian? Clearly that will be an easy short.
double lmao @ M.
Just watched a terrible game at BWLD, but the place was packed w/ alcoholics. I think the profit margin on the beer is 80%. They should do well-- BWLD to 50 in a few months.
No Ragin'--

You saw a fucking great game, where my Titans mud stomped your Saints.

V. Young is just a winner.
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"My Titans?"

Are you in Tennessee, too?
No, he just wishes he were a Southener.

Ahm a transplant, m'self.

"Grace o' God" an' all that.
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