Monday, September 17, 2007


Late NightObservation

Best comment on, year to date:

Pertaining to Cramer:

"Cramer's hour by hourly Fed crazy posts continue. He is (in) some kind of manic phase, vacillating between greed and fear."

Har. har. har.

No robster for you. Too expensive.

What does the future hold for tomorrow? I know you have been to the future, please share.
Damn that would be nice for me, bad for others. Such is the zero sum game.
With your luck, you'll panic out of QID as the market knee jerks up, just prior to the collapse.

Ask yourself:

Am I man enough to take it (the green money)?
Fly, I'm going into tomorrow more relaxed and confident than I've been in a long time.

Anyway, It may sound gay, but I've mentally prepared myself for several possible scenarios tomorrow just so I do not do anything spontaneously stupid.
Just don't reverse course.

Stick to your position and prepare to stubbornly average in, when needed.

Works for me all the time, with the exception of the time I lost million of dollars in ADCT.
Rate hike!
I am long inv banks and short oil heading into Tuesday.
I'm sticking to my guns, and don't plan to get to any full short positions until the brokers are done reporting.

It is likely to be a difficult week to be short unless all the brokers report bad numbers. If there is any positivity, the churn and volatility is going to be maddening.

I've just got to remember that things take time. Can't turn an oil tanker on a dime.

Damn I'm a bearshitter now.
M- that is fucking hilarious. I'm long oil and short RE and the indexes. Should be fun to see how it all turns out.
oil is gay.

I'm long December Robster contracts and short fried rice.
Shed loved your pics.

I am long almond chicken and egg rolls.
Thanks M.

Fly, you've said oil is gay the whole time it has been melting up.

I'm long cute bubble butts and short muffin tops.
Crude just crossed $81.
I am heavily short muffin tops.
Long the metals, baby.

Watchem' fly.

Any metal, too.

Shit, I'm long tin foil Doublemint wrappers. You poverty stricken fuckers will be bangin down my door for a hand full of them in six months.

Word to your mother -- I live in Crackerland and we smile on stopping power in a variety of sizes and colors.
Right Boomer, you Cracker-ass Cracker?
Jake, easy on the speedballs.
Any metal Jake? Well then, I've got just the metals play you've been looking for. You can't lose with this.
bear den morning on bloomberg . jim robster rogers & marc gloom'n doom faber.

i can sum it up in one word for ya - ARMAGEDDON !

rogers says we're already in recession if it weren't for goverment 'lying' about inflation. auto, home & finance industries have been in recession. buys commodities/agriculture .. the market is on a few % pts fm alltime highs, the fed should hike int rates.. that businesses failing is part of capitalism & preventing failures is communism

faber on now
faber says either the dow goes down 10-20% or the dollar goes down even tho the usd may strengthen near term . bullish on gold, precious metals , but gold corrects soon unless the fed cuts 1/2 pt but he thinks you own gold. Food prices go up, cotton & sugar in particular. Printing presses will be printing money or pension funds & health care funds will fail which will enrich wall st. Won't become positive on US markets till GOOG RIMM AAPL WYNN collapse . shocker; hes no fan of greenspan, says he destroyed the dollar
Again, I have to take the other side of all this negativity. Turn the fucking televisions off...

Good Luck Bearshitters
you ever take the other side of positivity?

you recommend ostrich investing techniques?

good luck to the opposing team? really?

just asking
Q1. Not often

Q2. Listening to the loudest voice at the time can result in manic phases of greed and fear as The Fly's post illustrates.

Q3. Not really - guess you missed the sarcasm.
Hawk --

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to exclude palladium from my vast portfolio of shiny metals.

Prediction: Palladium will sink so asymptotically close to zero that-- to cut costs-- newspaper publishers will abandon pulp paper for hammered sheets of the stuff.

Look also for "New! Shiny Charmin! Look, I can see myself!"
What are thoughts on LEH up +$2.00 pre market ??
BA says to Wood:

With your luck, you'll panic out of QID as the market knee jerks up, just prior to the collapse.

Ask yourself:

Am I man enough to take it (the green money)?


You're trying to bankrupt him aren't you?

Are indentured servants that hard to come by these days?
Holy crap, BIDU's up another $6 since yesterday's close.
I am long inv banks and short oil heading into Tuesday.

Looks like yer at least half right.
how did Lehman make numbers?

Buried in its 29-page release was its "leverage ratio", which stood at 30.2x, versus "just 25.8x" a year ago. Margins collapsed to 28% from 32.7% a year ago. What is the leverage ratio? In a footnote (g), it says "leverage ratio is defined as total assets divided by total stockholder's equity".
looks like fly's time machine is still broken..har har har... LEH beats estimates...LOL
its the reaction to estimates .... i think it sells off : leverage is maxed out , margins declining ... ruh-roh
Ben Stein for President
Bruce, you think that's unexpected given this summer's turmoil?

Perhaps maybe the market was expecting worse?
No, Mr. Hand for President.
LEH filling the opening gap. Will it stop there?
not unexpected but i think they would have done better to have done the kitchen sink quarter ... the bad was buried & the good pushed out front .. a recipe for an up open & then take your profits

where it trades next month, who knows
Don't fight the Fed today. If they lower rates, they will effectively be telling the markets that they are going from 'neutral' to 'easing' policy.

A 25 bps is expected. To go 50 bps will be seen as moving too far to help the lenders and investors.

Expect two more Fed funds rate cuts after todays, before year end. Also, they will probably do something with the discount rate.

We're eventually going higher after this all gets sorted out.

Bearshitters are wrong again, bitch.
markets go up over time, currencies go down , as long as civilization survives

DOW is up 28% fm july 2000
S&P is flat since 7/2000
Nasdaq down 50% fm 7/2000
USD down 50% fm july 2000

bearshitters can claim victory right for 7 years

bullshitters will claim victory
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