Friday, September 21, 2007


Late Day Thought

If deals can't get done, how can LAZ make their numbers?

I hear they are entering the Robster market.

They are going to deals for Robster Wars, helping the rookie captains get a piece of George's bank robster action.
Anything can happen with great patents.
GSS is going to get bought out soon.
tempranillo/merlot 70/30


*off to drink
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Cheese, are you pulling a Crude (HLT)?
why do women prefer old gynaecologists like ron paul?

beacuase their hands shake

I just pass on what I hear dude.
How can LAZ make their numbers?

...well, be advised that product is flying off the shelves as we, their bond portfolio which was formerly incalculable is now semi-calculable, even for those lacking "calculator brains".

In short, all that is required for LAZ to make their numbers these days is to simply have ordinary "abacus brain" investment bankers that look like this....
As usual--

You are playing above your pay grade.

Go ahead, bet against me.

66% of their revenue is derived from deals.

What deals?

HAR type of deals.
Love tempranillo. Straight outta Spain.

Like Seve Ballesteros.
LAZarus is doing deals.

Bank on it. Those fuckers get paid for deals they don't even work on. I've seen it.

The poor fuckers at MS or GS or ML or farking CSFB do all the work, and some fucknut MD at LAZ knows the CEO of one of the behemoths merging soooooo....

"They get their taste."

No scheiss.

(They are not Maxim)
Not schitting, they are the Mafia of the IB world.

I think it's likely a Bilderberger thing, but who knows.

They are the UNG of the bulge brackets.
wrong, again.
You know that Harman deal?

They weren't within a hundred feet of that shit.

But they'll get a two million dollar break up fee, anyway.

It's an Illuminati thing.

Don't fight the Fed, and don't tangle w. the Illuminati.
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