Monday, September 10, 2007


Late Night Thought

Figure skating is fucking gay.

Back to Monday Night Football, duh-duh-duh-duh.

I would encourage watching WWAT in the next few days if it retests 1.10 give or take. Also Fly, do you still feel the same about MVIS or are you thinking about selling some in light of the market? I bought more march5 calls today so I hope you are still optimistic. Thanks, DW.
I hate figure skating and love MNF. Go Bengals.
I think "figure skating is gay" is one of those aphorisms that...

"goes without saying."


Go Bungholes!
I just bought a Vizio 37" for my office. $700 @ CC....As Larry David would say "Pretty Good" "Pretty Good"
Is that the BRLC brand? Or is that one Olivia?
I think BRLC is Olivia-- Newton John

These fucking refs!!!! Killing me. Good ball game.

I made some good money on GLW last year. Broker whats a good play on the High Def TV's. I still like the idea. Basically if you have a tube tv or a tube monitor you are way behind the curve. Easy Sell.
Glass substrates is the way to play high def tv, via GLW or ASGLY.
lori, you're a real fucking cunt. Do you get this site, or are you a dense cunt? Nobody here knows a fucking thing so move along if you're looking for real financial advice. Oh and good luck on those calls you clueless bitch.
Jake you mention BRLC quite often. do you have a position?
WTF are you drinking Knobster?
Hey cheesedog, first of all I'm not a female, just using the ID, second of all I was talking to Fly about his thoughts, not asking for facts about what MVIS was guaranteed to do in the future so go reproduce yourself in the corner of some dark room, ha ha ha, bastard.
Wow Lori that was a severe tongue lashing!

Hey Lori...

What are you wearing?
12, I'm a "fella" so I don't think youre really interested. I'm just screwing with knobster but come on, its ridiculous how short people get sometimes. Anyway, Danny

Didn't you give me ABAT real cheap?

I'll look at WWAT.

As for MVIS:

Same old story. Really nothing to report.

Still long. Haven't sold a share.
12... yes, have some BRLC from time to time. Just a mo-mo thing, though.

As you can tell from my extensive due dilly.
Here is what you get when you outsource your fucking analysts to India. Fucking asshat of the week award goes to Cowen.

They should throw that cunt from Piker Jackme in with this bitch, the one that downgraded BWLD at 40 (pre-split).
hey lori-

If you were suggesting that I went to the trouble to create that alias just to talk shit to your stupid ass, you are dumber than a polish knob.

But anyways, some more awesomes about ABAT:

They have no auditor, so, in theory, it all could be fake.

100% of current assets in receivables. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck nah, cuz.
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