Thursday, September 13, 2007


"Looks like he stepped out of a specimen box"

Bearshitter getting nervous.

Does the fly think HANS will continue to fly?
It's time to get short crude oil.
HANS to 70.
Can't believe they cancelled that awesome show* to bring us "John from Farking Cincinnati."

What assbaggery.


* Noted for its liberal use of the scatology "cocksucker(s)."
Watch it cheese, they're gonna run crude higher on the close.

Give me some dice rolling energy plays to look at.
I'm on it.
CLWR on fire rumor buyout
Howabout IOC from yestiddy, Mr. "Uh, my brother's cousin knows a client of the CEO?"

Bounced off an old cold fib line at $37.70'ish and is now getting ready to rock again.
No fuckface.

My friend has the CEO's shares under management.
Yeah, that's what I said.

So why not buy that? SEC FD regs or something?

Take a look at BQI for a lotto ticket in the oilsands.
I'd like to exchange link with you. My blog is about trading in CEE markets. I think we can benefit from readers as we have both trading blogs. If you are interested, please let me know.


I forgot my blog address:)
vlada .. I'm partial to eastern eupopean women ... where can I get some?
i think Czech Republic is right place ;)
never dated a czech republican ... always preferred slovak democrats ... but semi-seriously , attractive females from over there

ok, give us your best stocks that trade in the US exchanges .. whaddya got ? CETV CEDC what else?
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