Friday, September 14, 2007


Mid-day Thought

Instead of watching MVIS trade, I'd rather hold a large metal antenna to the sky, during the next lightning storm.

Don't worry. Tokman will sign a couple of contracts and it will see $10 by end of the year.
Tokman may have to sign a contract with LLNW to get your position back in the green.
Fuck this faggotry I am selling 7.5 covered calls. Come one come all and get them.
It's a long termer.

Fast forward to January. Can you imagine the buzz this stock will have, on the release of the new Picop?

Be patient, even though it's boring.
On 30,000 shares.... that oughtta net you....

A double latte at Starbucks?
Jake -- Starbucks is for cum guzzling faggots. I, sir, get my caffeine from monster energy (wish I owned HANS) and a high metabolism. David Bach said it right when he said Starbucks is a waste of hard earned salary.
Your metabolism produces caffeine??

That's awesome for you.
You are a sick individual.

Please refrain from nut guzzling fags.
fuck fuck fucker.
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