Friday, September 14, 2007


Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea

Funny as shit Ebay listing

also check his other listing and the comments, one funny bitter dude.
Make sure you read the item description, it made my day.

Nice find.

Looking forward to watching USC V NE. Its games like this that validate high def TV.
that ebay listing is just a sales pitch in the style of this gossip columnist
Mr KC --

don't miss Cards v, Cats (on at the same time, pic-in-pic is a good idea) if you want to see the first and second QB's in next year's NFL draft.
I wonder why jj wasnt here to tell us of the wonders of palladium today.

Oh, wait.

9.35 -0.30 (-3.11%)

Hey Crude Broker thanks again for the weather advice. I have run all of the models through my programs here as well and Ingrid is not even going to touch the US, atleast I have only a 9% chance of it on my machine. Anyway I sold my UNG position and bought +UNEVH.
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What no Weekend content. No Hippy fuckers, or biscuit tossers. Maybe a Bearish signal.

I say biz as usual next week. LEH and GS will not divulge anything until they are forced to. I say they will muddle thru next week. How can we not play the big dow type stocks who have international footprint. pick'em. I like MSFT,HPQ,JAVA.

Hey Jake, what are you betting on today. I like NE as big Home dog.
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