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Notes from the Maxim Conference

Forget about what Tokman said. All of us know the story, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Just know, Maxim is a place where lots of low IQ brokers reside. They feed off of story stocks and buy them until they go in the dirt or until "lotto time."

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend. I was busy watching reruns of the A-team.

But, I had my spies there, who say the MVIS conference was the most widely attended-- out of 70 presentations. In total, about 1,000 brokers and investors attended, none with IQ's higher than 99.

Everyone was impressed. For most, this was the first time hearing the MVIS story. Tokman did his job.

In short, the conference should draw more people into the stock. It can only help with the demand aspect of this zombie of a stock.

Not to change the topic or anything but does anyone else have a problem with Dubai owning about 20% of one of our financial institutions (NASDAQ)?
I know B.A Baracus, Hannibal Smith, and Murdock from the A-Team would do something to prevent this from happening.
people of this country want to have everything their way ... sorry .. you exchange their oil for paper dollars. then when they come here & want to spend some of that constantly depreciating paper, before it goes to zero, you want to tell them what they can or can't buy. Sorry, this country is a citizen of this world, not the rulers & rulemakers of planet earth.

We created this mess. For every dollar you pay for oil or anything else from another land, in exchange you give a piece of this country away.
I wouldn't mind if it was the French,British, Germans,Aussies, etc. but no Islamic Middle East countries who have a propensity for terrorism, hatred of non-Islamic types, etc. Go behind the fancy buldings and fancy malls and Dubai is as fucked up as Yemen and the others.
any incremental demand for MVIS shares combined with its short interest, will get it over 5.00 in a hurry. It won't be long now. I went back into this lifeless puppy today for the first time in a little while. I'll look to top off my bet tomorrow or next week.
Its our own fault. We should have a higher tax on gasoline that goes directly into research for an alternative to gasoline. We could then sell that technology to the rest of the world & take in their money, at the same time we stop giving it away to the Arabian Peninsula.
Bruce, that is insane. Higher tax on gas? And given to the gov't for research? Then the consumer truly would be fucked, and the research would be sub-par.

You really need to investiage the amount Shell and XOM spend on research on alternatives to gasoline. It will shock you.

Do you think for one second that the energy behomeths are going to have their billions in profits reduced or even eliminated by some 50mil market cap company with an innovative alternative?

No way. If you want to place blame, blame it on the folks who will not let us drill more off the east coast and in anwar.

The above is not a political statement.
we have been paying 1/2 of what they have paid in europe till recently. we still pay $2 less per gallon. the difference is tax.

drill all you want ... eventually oil will run dry, then what? If we stuck a man on the moon 40 years ago, we most certainly could have developed gas alternatives by now.
see how oil for dollars ends up in dubai bidding on nasdaq?

raping the alaskan environment will not solve that problem.
I wish I could by more MVIS, but all my money is tied up in FUEL, and that bitch is ready to rip.
Geezus, what is this the Bruce Commie Hour?

When oil gets too scarce, it will get too expensive to use any more, and then guess what? We'll use something else.

What the fuck with idiots who think giving extra cash to the terminally fucked up government is somehow going to solve their short to intermediate term energy pricing problems? Besides fucking the economy to a literal standstill, what do you think the gov't is going to give you for your two dollar tax* on gasoline? George Jetson's Spacely Sprockets fucking vehicle?

Do any of you study economics or are you all Maxim brokers?


No Glen Gary leads for you, Shelley!


*Yeah, the Euros can get away with fucking their peasants, they didn't have an American Revolution, remember? Also, they drive tiny tin cans that can park in a bicycle rack and they're geographic travel range extends to about the breadth of the state of Montana- tops. We do things a bit bigger here in 'Murica.
Bruce, who said anything about raping? You use inciendiary language which does nothing but paint a false picture and bring emotions to what is a rational argument. Likely, there is a fuel pipeline running close to where you live and you would never know it.

As for Europe, who cares? If you want to live in a socialist economy, by all means, vote in Hillary. I prefer capitalism, and an ass-kicking man president.

Who cares about going to the moon. We also invented nuclear technology. Which has more relevance to the energy problem? How many reactors would we need to free the US economy from oil? Yet, you'd rather raise taxes to develop alternatives?

Just think about how all that money could have been going back into our own economy, rather than Dubai, yet you'd rather raise taxes and rely on the government rather than have faith in the American consumer and the power of American ingenuity coupled with free enterprise.
Is there anyway we can stay on point? This was suppose to be a post on mvis and Tradder went and said "not to change the topic or anything" and the f***ing topic gets changed. DON"T say "not to change the topic" when you intend to change the topic. Pisses the hell out of me when people do that S***!!
near term may be affected by short term boyz. Watch and learn, time to burn.

ewa4sc- I intend to change the topic. I want to be clear about that.

Also, the above posts are not political.
You may spell the word "shit" on this fucking blog. We are all grown up hatfuckers here.
FUCK SHIT PIS ASS CUNT COCKSUCKERS. there that's how it's done

Spell out the bad boy words. Mooo!
Worship the market. Mooo!
Curse government. Mooo!

Laugh at the idiot amateur investors that move together like a herd of herbivores. Mooo!
You Ottnot to make fun of a man's passions.

What, you don't worship the market, Abby Fuckin' Hoffman?

Go smoke a toadstool, loser.
And yes, that was an aging Boomer (no not blogger Boomer) alert.

Can't you pick out the ones that come here? Pansy socialists, to a man.

Yeah, I chew the grass of Hayek, Smith and Uncle Miltie.

Gold up another $13, silver up 41 cent.

What's in your portfolio, shitnutz?
Larn somethin' from the Irish, ya wee doomb haht-fooker!

Silver -- Probably the Most Undevalued Asset Class
I spend 20 minutes and listened to the whole MVIS presentation. Still not imrpessed at all. Which country did the CEO come from? a strange Romania accent I do not recognize. He did not explain why the technology works. This is a fancy idea and a fancy technology. Unfortunately it does NOT work and the market is not buying it. No marketable product since 1993, not even a bar code scanner. That is a miserable failure. They hired a Romanian CEO and a new management team OK, but if the technology is not viable, no CEO can change that.

Still refuse to recognize the great potential in SWC? CNN now has a front page headline which makes SWC BIG: The hydrogen economy thingy.

What was it you said about brokers with 99 IQ's attending the conference?

As for the "non-political discussion" above, I just want to say that the macho posturing is really no good for debate. Calling a guy reading a stock blog a communist? C'mon!

Apart from the dollars funneling into the mideast by way of our gasoline dollars, how about the trillions we're spending there on the stupid fucking war? I mean, if you want to be so simplistic as to call the entire mideast our "enemy" (a fallacy promulgated by Fox news because they can't distinguish between a terrorist and a muslim) then as a "capitalist" you should be pissed we're throwing so much money in that direction.

In short, I'm with ya Brucie.

Anyway, flame away you red-meat eating true Patriotic Americans!

from the soft, naive, tree-hugging, European loving, communist pussy,
Jake - you call the government 'terminally fucked up', yet you are only interested in preserving the status quo there with all your past political opinions. A guy like Ron Paul wants to downsize the government, really downsize it, and you call him nuts. You can't have it both ways.

And you want to drive your SUV's and then keep middle-easterners out of spending their dollars on American assets. Thats like buying heroin, crack cocaine & complaining that drug dealers are ruining the neighborhood.

Shedder - if you don't like the word rape, then forget it but there can most certainly be a case made for that term. As far as socialism is concerned; What do you call a printing press that runs full time and bails out Wall St, the banks and a few speculators? Capitalism? Hardly. Apparently you can't fail around here, the government has your back. Some bizarre combination of socialism/communism/pseudo-domocracy - the good ole USofA.

So you don't like my tax idea .. not a problem. I am not wed to it. But faith in the American consumer to do what? Overspend, go into debt, overcredit, leverage up, buy spec houses?

And where has the power of american ingenuity/free enterprise been regarding developing an alternative to gasoline? Didn't you say that the powers that be, aka big oil, have worked against such things?
Not to change the subject or anything, sorry I brought it up (not really).
Bruce, quit fucking using Europe as a benchmark. Capitalism works. Government socialist shit is why the United States is the most powerful country in the world. Capitalism is fueled by supply and demand, which will be around as long as humans, so don't fuck with it.
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Screwed the link up...

Anyone know about BCAS? Here's their website, it's like Youtube but slightly racier.

I bought around $2.50 and feel like bailing...

The point isn't whether or not capitalism works... we believe it does.

That's why giving any part of the middle east (terrorist or non) money in the form of oil dollars is a bad idea. It will just give them more capital to buy up our shit, like our presidents and the NASDAQ.

DT-The web site looks like shit, too IMO. Parents will be blocking it (or they should). It should attract the weirdo types, but I don't know how large that market is today. There are plenty of ways for people to communicate with web cams.
Bruce-- seriously, stop straw manning me. First off, I love Ron Paul's ideas about downsizing gov't, I just don't like his naivete w. regard to isolationism and ignoring the rest of the world.

Aside: I don't know how you can be such a Paul backer and then call for $2 tax on gas -- he'd rip your balls off with a Bowie knife if he met you.

Then you make this straw man claim:

And you want to drive your SUV's and then keep middle-easterners out of spending their dollars on American assets. Thats like buying heroin, crack cocaine & complaining that drug dealers are ruining the neighborhood.

Who the fuck said I wanted to "keep MidE's from doing" anything? Don't put that racist shit on me. I'm a free marketer and if we exchange dollars for commodities, then we should expect those dollars to come back as INVESTMENT-- yes INVESTEMENT boys and girls. That's what it is when the towel heads buy "20%" of XYZ American asset.

And guess what Maxim brokers? In my business, the guy who buys "20%" of XYZ Asset (ie, "a minority interest) has a very special name --


It's all about control, gentlemen, and a minority stake in an illiquid asset is just about the worst farking position you ever want to be in. So let the foreigners invest (even in majority stakes) if they want to. I'd rather they invest here than in socialist Europe or China. Investment is GOOD for America.
And Dino, don't take offense, I know Bruce does not.

Anyone to the left of Ron Paul is very likely to be badged "a commie" by me at some point or another. And Bruce, $2 a gallon to the gummint, is pretty damn left of Ron Paul.
the US is too stupid to be concerned about Dubai owning 20% of Nasdaq stocks...if they aren't concerned that the attackers on 9/11 were Saudis, yet the country went to war with Iraq to fight terrorism, get the point, you can't concern the US with anything except for what Paris Hilton and Brittney are doing today
That's why giving any part of the middle east (terrorist or non) money in the form of oil dollars is a bad idea. It will just give them more capital to buy up our shit, like our presidents and the NASDAQ.

Sorry, that's luddite and borderline racist. The last may be a stretch, but I find it curious that no one gives a fluck that the Brits and Dutch (geez those Dutch have a ton of dough) own the most "American" assets of any foreign countries. The Ahabs are way way down the scale.

Now, if the commies start owning strategic assets (and by commies, I don't mean Bruce, he can buy whatever, but the Chinese), then we can get a little worried, because we're still not sure what their "world domination" thoughts are these days.

But the Ahabs? Gimme a farking break, those guys need help digging a well in Kuwait. I'd rather we co-opted them into the First World. More's the better for turning them into Western sympathizers.
...if they aren't concerned that the attackers on 9/11 were Saudis, yet the country went to war with Iraq to fight terrorism, well.

Oh but I think we are very concerned about that fact. We are waking up, very late to the game, that all that money to Saudi has helped cover up a smoldering problem -- the conflict between "First World status" and fundi Wahabbism. Up until 1923, the Saudis were just a bunch of nomadic goat herders loosely stretched out across the Arabian Peninsula. They had that freaked out religion (which is way, way more strict than the Islam that actually allowed the Muzzi's to take over most of the world to the 17th century) to keep them semi-united, and it brought them to power in the Peninsula when the Brits and Americans needed a stooge. Now, it's far outgrown it's usefulness.

But don't concern yourself that this is a recent turn of events... this is a problem neglected or avoided for 80+ years now. It will take a while to remediate. First, we have some "collecting" to do.
sdufour this is for you

No offense taken. Only Woody offends me... :)

I have no problem with Dubai owning the Nasdaq. I was making the argument to point out that if you call yourself a "capitalist" that you have to go both ways with it.

You can't say it's wrong for them to spend our dollars (on whatever they want) if we're going to keep dumping them over there in the form of oil money.

Meanwhile, I've never been called a Luddite before... I'm all for spending on new technology (like Bruce) to get us out of our dependence on the mideast and their oil (and politics). I mean, we should be leading the world in new energy technology. There's a huge vaccuum there that we should be filling NOW, not waiting until oil runs out.

Hey stupidfucks! Let's talk coinage here and leave the worlds problems to the Friday beer pounding parties and the other mind numbing blogs that deal with this shit. I have my very hardcore beliefs that address these issues, but mommy raised me to gear discussion topics to be appropriate for the forum. This aint it boys. Coinage, coinage, coinage. The floor is yours Fly.
Jake: Ron Paul is hardly an isolationist.

As far as your accusation of straw-man-racism: You said: "*Yeah, the Euros can get away with fucking their peasants, they didn't have an American Revolution, remember? Also, they drive tiny tin cans that can park in a bicycle rack and they're geographic travel range extends to about the breadth of the state of Montana- tops. We do things a bit bigger here in 'Murica."

And like I said, I am not wed to the idea of additional tax on gasoline to go towards developing gas alternatives . Come up with something because free enterprise has not come up an alternative.

If you think capitalism/free markets/democracy are what is going on in this country; that we are the fucking greatest, most powerful, most this, most that: why are our auto manufacturers in dire straits & losing business to the Japanese & German makers? Unions? Wheres the innovation aside from developing a bigger better gas guzzler?

Capitalism/demcoracy is supposed to weed out the weak , allow for failure & change, but bail-outs R-USa is more socialistic & communistic.
Brucie, you're having a definitional problem. Calling Europeans (who are mostly white, last time I checked) stupid tin fuck socialists who never learned to get out from under their royal masters like we did is not "racist." What is your problem with what I said?

And to think that somehow the profit motive -- the bajillions and bajillions that will be made in discovering an alternative fuel system -- is not enough to spur innovation, but some tinfuck gov't program IS -- well, that's about as far from Ron Paul as Mao Zedong.

Talk to CrudeB about why it's hard to replace oil. Besides ease of use and infrastructure, it's about price. It's just an amazingly cheap superfuel, and that's hard to overcome in a free market. But price WILL take care of it, and better than any idiot bureaucrat.

Our auto makers have fallen behind because their innovation has not kept up with their cost structure. Some of that is unions, some bad management, some expediency (ie, waving off healthcare future costs). Some of it may be because of what you say "the bailout fallacy."

But they will get better Bruce, or they will die off, whatever happens it will be good for the USA. We've got a boatload of Toyota plants in the South now, and Nissan, and BMW and Mercedes too. You think those workers aren't happy not to be in the dying textile industry? Think global Bruce.


Joe -- SLW and GG. Now go bang a hat.
Can somebody explain to me how just about every underlying stock is up but the XLF ETF is down?
Cheese -- Ouch! That's going to leav a mark.
Jake - you said Euros drive tin cans .. oth, we drive SUV's which are lining the pockets and burning holes in said pockets of mideasterners who want to spend their dollars buying up cheap USA assets. It all ties in.

Like I said, I was trying to come up with some plan for alternative energy research. Our government is in theory a reflection of the people it represents. In theory, it should work that their interest is our interest.

Agreed on price but by then we will have sold parts of this country. Our children will be the recipient of our waiting for price to force innovation.

But as you say, its a global world.
Hey guys, Bruce, DT, and anyone else, I like good arguments sometimes. However, please don't mistake my fervor for arrogance, lack of humility, or an attempt to humiliate somebody. That is not my shtick. Its all in good fun, and a desire to represent my views and consider the views of others. Also, I had a few beers last night which always gets the fingers moving.
shed - i never thought such things
Good deal Bruce. I used to be a flaming liberal. Now I'm exploring a more conservative bent.
Out 2/3rds of MVIS position, and out of all Fly shadows except VMI. Only a small net loss thanks to MVIS. Good luck.

You know we're good. Even if you don't believe in Global Warming.

I shorted some MVIS this morning.
Our government is in theory a reflection of the people it represents. In theory, it should work that their interest is our interest.

Completely agreed. And except for a few very necessary items (rule of law, defense, collecting taxes) what area of expertise can you name where the gov't is better than the private sector?

In many cases the gov't "works in our interest" best by staying the flick out of it.

BTW -- the Eurotards risk their children's lives driving around in tin cans to pay for their exhorbitant gas taxes.

Why haven't they come up with the glorious alternative fuel with all that extra dough to spend?

Those "tin cans" are only a risk when you're driving next to a tank, like a Hummer or something.

Otherwise, one "tin can" hits another and they're fine. It's all relative.

The mighty dollar at work:

Mattel Apologizes to China Over Worldwide Recalls of Chinese-Made Toys

BEIJING (AP) -- U.S.-based toy giant Mattel Inc. issued an extraordinary apology to China on Friday over the recall of Chinese-made toys, taking the blame for design flaws and saying it had recalled more lead-tainted toys than justified.

The gesture by Thomas A. Debrowski, Mattel's executive vice president for worldwide operations, came in a meeting with Chinese product safety chief Li Changjiang, at which Li upbraided the company for maintaining weak safety controls.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I feel like I'm on a YHOO message board with all the bullshit political talk.
Not to mention the daily palladium spam.
Those "tin cans" are only a risk when you're driving next to a tank, like a Hummer or something.

Otherwise, one "tin can" hits another and they're fine. It's all relative.

Um, no, you're at risk driving next to anything substantial, like a Volvo. And are there no trucks on the road in Europe? Trains? Telephone poles?

Shit, you can get a snootful of steering wheel running into a fat broad over there.

It's about the physics, Bruce.


See Harry, it's some bullshit physics talk too.

Joe -- since I kissed o' death my two faves by telling them to you, I'll give you my third (again, short term port): ALVR.
Since some were talking energy here. I heard from a guy at the Nuclear Regulatory Committee that several Nuclear Power Plants are trying to get the "green light". Several are proposed to be opperational by 2015. While this will not have ANY near term effect on this countries oil dependency, as implied in a previous post, it is a welcomed site for people like me. That being said... is there a good stock play here? Find the companies and bet on which will pass... or is this too far out to do anything else with.
this was all started by some moron who doesn't know jack about dubai and probably never been there ( i have) the country is populated mainly by european/aussie/canadian expats. The local arab population is not the dominant force there. Dubai is modern and capitalistic with less BS regs than the US. Very pro-business (why do you think halliburton moved there) and doesn't have that radical crap going on.

Its the financial center of the mideast and as such relatively safe from Iran etc.

Fly would love it cuz people who want to move there have to show substantial assets or have a solid job. They ticket people whose cars are dinged up cuz they don't want crappy looking cars on the road. No poor people, except the construction workers which they treat like crap (working them in 120 degree heat)

US CentCom has a base there, which should tell you something and probably doesn't hurt for us to have good relations with a few mid-east countries.
So their ownership of 20% of NDAQ is a "so what"
PDP ==

Thanks for the info. Can I assume you are an earl man or ex military?

Whichever, your comments are welcome.


Yeomps -- Uranist CCJ is looking good at these prices, imho.
Jake, happy to throw some useful information out there, helps validate the dough I spend on traveling :)
I'm not ex-mil though I've worked with quite a few military guys and not sure what an earl man is :) (if you mean oil, nope...just a guy who likes to travel, learn and knows people in lots of different industries
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