Sunday, September 09, 2007


Oh yeah...I can vlog

A repost, sure, but it seems relevant again:

Jeremy has some good shit. He can stay. Stay tuned later for my informative post, "Mexico: America's beard."

Fucking lame-

The Fly graces you with the priviledge of posting on the weekend and all you can come up with is this unoriginal shit???

Then again you are an accounting major...
don't blame me for your runtish stature.
Thanks for the mention.

The Fly will be proud of his little minion.
I suspect that this repost, combined with my TOP 30 COUN'DOWN will prompt the emergency firing of both of us...
Man are you fuckers a bunch of punks. I wish the market was open right now so i could naked short MVIS into the shitter.

Oh, and suck a bag of dicks.

Your Mother is a goat fucker.
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