Thursday, September 13, 2007


Position Update: Fly's Top 10

In an unprecedented move, "The Fly" has decided to reveal his top 10 holdings, mainly due to good feelings and pending consumption of large rib eyes.

As of yesterday, the following stocks, in order, represent my biggest investments.

3. GME
7. GLF
9. VLO
10. GD
67. ARWR
68. MATH
69. LLNW

GME is the shit! Wait till Halo 3 comes out!
When MVIS wakes up the fly will be dining on fine Bordeaux and Delice de Bourgogne. Until then rib e y e.
Ouch. Bad move.

if mvis wakes up...
This comment has been removed by the author.
You are fucked grand pussy. PALM is a third world stock and your calls will expire worthless like you.
Mine-100% US cash. I am a daytrader through and through with an occasional swing trade. I was long financials and short SMH all day. Tommorrow is another day.
mvis is gay.
all of my holdings are long term, over one year. A few over two years.

Thinking about dumping DRYS (have been hoping for par, dont think its gonna get there), CROX (fad), and CMG (its a burrito - no barriers to entry with a burrito).

Will likely add to BOOM, HURC, GOOG and AAPL (going into holiday season).
HURC was once my largest holding.
My biggest holding is MON.

You are retarded if you do not own this stock.

Here me?

Farking retarded.

I also have a pretty substantial VDSI position.


I'm intrigued by your GD position, SuperFly Snookah.

My bro-in law works for them, building some of the freakiest ass ships you ever did see.

If any of you have kids in high school, send them to Annapolis for the good stuff. That's a collective definition, btw.
This comment has been removed by the author.

mvis is fucking gay.
"Will you be sailing in the Gulf today Mr. Admidinhajad?"
Been looking at GME latley but havent pulled the trigger. up 80% this year. A great next Q and Halo has already got to be priced into the stock? Tho they are putting up a freakin store a week.

Wait for a pullback or what?
jake - MON is evil. I worked there. I know.
have GME in my ira goe below 47.45 and I am out my last half, its been kind to me this year
Ah ha!

69 Positions!

I never thought stock investing is like sex and needs exactly 69 positions, no more no less. No wonder you are a fucker, FLY.

Pity you did not own much of UNG. I followed your advice and loaded UNG and it's the third largest position I have!!! That's the only thing that I listened to you.

Now give me a good reason to buy GLF, I might buy some today. You top pet, MVIS, is still not going any where.

Are you still on the second stage of truth, "violently opposing" SWC and the palladium metal? Any one with an objective mind can see it has finished a nice bottom and rally up hard, even if you ignore all teh fundamentals I talked about.
Honestly, what the fuck is wrong in JJ's mind?
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