Monday, September 17, 2007


Position Update: FMCN

As you know, FMCN is one of my largest positions. Luckily for "The Fly," the stock has been fucking running, like a goose in a lion's den.

The long term story is great (advertsing in China), but this move may be a little excessive.

If you bought the stock, recently, you may want to book a profit and wait for a pullback.

However, if you are not a day trading fool, this is a keeper.

Why the hell would a goose be in a lion's den?
Why not?
Goose thought that the lion was a goat, or can of corn?
Shed, c'mon.

Hey, I was looking at EJ, ever heard of WX? Goddamn trinese strocks
I've got a stock for Danny....

XING (!)
BIDU just purchased many cans o corn for those lonely winter nights.

The Sept. 240's were up 270% today.
know anyone who's in from the IPO? I mean, balls of big steel on that one if you got in at 20 or whatever, didn't sell the first day at 150, didn't sell at 60 when GS was calling for 45, and now it's at 250!
I didn't even look at it until it broke $180....

I remember the IPO... I think it came out at $30 or so?

IPO was $78 (Sept '05).
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