Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

That's it. I've had enough. I'm not doing it anymore.

(nonsensical rant over)

Look this stock (MVIS) is gay. The institutional ownership is a fucking joke, thanks in large part to the rookie, inexperienced stewards-- who have given MVIS financing.

So, at the end of the day, the stock remains in limbo hell, until the company gives clear guidance on whatever the fuck they are doing.

Meaning: What are they doing?

Everything is ambiguous, thanks to the asinine secrecy of the handset industry.

Bottom line: If you are a believer, like me, MVIS is a screaming buy, right now. If they are successful, the stock can go to $30. If they fail, "The Fly" will be shopping for new sheep coats in Romania.

Fly advice to MVIS: Wake the fuck up and show some leadership. I want to hear something new. Surprise me.

Instead of a PicoP, why doesn't MVIS put a pocket knife and a comb and some other useful shit into cell phones, kinda like a high tech swiss army knife. Or maybe a tape measure. That oughta wow them.
Is Satellite still involved?

Nice suggestion

Now, go fuck yourself.
I just bought 20K.
Each member of management should get at least a $100k bonus to buy stock--

........and not spend it on stupid shit like sub-prime mortgage payments, cans of corn or Romanian goat cheese.
Wood is right.

MVIS is getting ready to explode.
The charts don't lie.
I didn't really buy 20K. Not that ya'll believed I did.

But Razor is right about the explosion. I just hope it is up.
They spoke at the Merriman conference today and the stock sits at $4.70 - $4.75 like a smelly turd. Nobody wants to touch it.

How is that a sign it's ready to explode?

Big boyz will come with news, stock will climb quick with lack of supply of stox.
all the fucktards waiting on the new MVIS flashlight
These are the kind of trades that just break your spirit. Put on a big position and watch every fucking tick as it sits or worse drips down. Then one day in a fit of disgust and depression you blow out at the market and finally forget about it and move on with your life. Then maybe a year later something reminds you of it and you punch it up, $26! are you fucking kidding me I could have fucking retired for real.

Dont ask me how I know this.
Maggot- pull up a chart with bollinger bands, or ATR. The stock is due for some volatility. I've said for weeks that it is due, but what direction is anyone's guess. Of course I think it will be up, or I wouldn't be still have the position.
yason smellz
If MVIS goes to $25, I will have over $250k in the position. That is why I am in the stock. I sleep good knowing that. Honestly, if it goes to $1, I don't think I will be that upset. You have to grab one like this in your lifetime. It's like a mega jackpot, you spend $5 for a ticket, you know you won't win. However you buy it anyway, and it's nice feeling to know you could win it. Not comparing the lotto to MVIS just saying being on the ground floor of a company like this with potential is rare.
SIGM en fuego
I say we hire one of the Patriots' video guys and send him over to do some spying at MVIS headquarters.

no west coast connections that can tell you what Tokman said at Merriman? If you're physically going to the maxim conference, ask the fuckers in the breakout exactly at what stage they are in with development. Does the fab house have the machines? Are they setting them up? Or are they still fucking around with prototypes with no production in sight. Ought to let us know if theyre serious or incompetent douchebags with a dream.

A contract announcement would be nice, but honestly I dont care. If they end up with a successful production product MOT will buy the first hundred million if need be. And youll be amazed at how quickly all the nitpicking douchebag attorneys will sudddenly work out all the contingencies that they are dragging out in their $600/hr "negotiations".
Who's joining me at the MVIS presentation in NYC on Thursday? I'll be the fucktard proudly drinking Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Medium, cream and 2 packets of sugar.
The MVIS big cheeses want us to think there is nothing they can do about the share price, that they stay out of stuff like that. But did you notice how the stock traded "right on time" above the magical $5.35 mark for the length of time needed to redeem the warrants? Coincidence? Yeah, right...a total accident, I'm sure.
Under what good news scenario does a long term, non-day trading fucktard, MVIS investor unload his shares in Fall 07? None. The big IED up a short's ass move in PPS won't happen until 08. The only reason to unload MVIS this Fall is on the bad news side, if projections for PicoP start to slide or fall apart. In short, this blather and concern about 5 cent moves is irrelevant, 100% ticktarded, especially coming from anyone who thinks MVIS will eventually bring some "fat end of the tail" crap to market.
BTW leadership ain't about sucking up to bitchy ticktards by pushing BS PRs.
TI PicoP in cellphone by 08? What the hell do you think about this?

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