Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Position Update: NTRI

NTRI is on fucking fire. As we speak, the company is attending a Citi conference @ 53rd st, NYC.

My guess, this quarter is a blow out and the "future news" is being leaked.

I'm tempted to trust this notion on NTRI, but the last time it burned me like "liquid hot magma"
NTRI is an intriguing idea, but I'm going to stick with the stuff making people fat and unhealthy (MCD, CMG, MO, THI).
Locals want to see $80 today.
When they announced 2Q, they guided down for 3Q. Shortly thereafter, they announced major exec changes, including the CFO planning to leave.

I think that spooked at least one major holder who sold aggressively, whacking bids during the August turmoil. Since then, I think someone "smart" has done the work to get confidence the CFO leaving doesn't ncessarily have to mean 3Q will be worse than guided, or that there's been fraud, or "accounting irregularities", or any of the other bad things that often accompany a young CFO leaving a fast growing company.

Besides, if they speak at an investor conference it's unlikely they're going to hit investors with a negative bombshell any time soon without the officers/directors getting bombarded with class action lawsuits.

And if none of the bad things are out there, the stock is fucking cheap as hell.

Is this the MVIS heads up on this Beemer?
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Will someone get the fucking weatherman's chopper in the air already. There are two storms brewing and that faggot is sitting in your office eating doughnuts.
OTR and jj are truly hated by the internets, almost as much as ARWR.
Quick Alert: natty is off to the fucking races, again.
the names people come up with
Tropical Storm Humberto is closing some of the NG Platforms. Get the fuck out of the way if your short UNG.
Do you mean UNG is going higher, despite it being under the direct authority of the mafia?

Where's Crude Broker?
Its only a tropical storm. We have almost daily thunderstorms like this in the summer. Talk to me when it get to Cat. 3. Everybody has Katrina flashbacks.
I'm here. I was never a bear on UNG. I was simply saying do not buy that thing. Too fucking crazy. Better natty plays to put your money in. Just a small long term buyer or seller of UNG is a good play. Locals got their $80 print.

On a side note, the storm is not packing a lot of wind, if there are production cuts, (which I have not seen so please show me a link) I doubt that will affect natty. Everyone is telling me natgas is just up on the price of crude.
Not interested in NTRI at all. FLY, most of your recommendations are no good. I do have you to thank for, for bringing my attention to UNG. I made one single largest purchase of stocks in my recent stock trading history, on Sep. 4th, at $33.50. It's proven to be a good one. I am glad I did not take any of your other recommendations.
Crude its not Humberto that I am concerned about its TD-8 that is oiling up its ball and stretching its arms. Its gonna look like The Big Lebowski in a few days in the gulf.
Gapping, It may be big, but I will have to disagree with you. Look at the historical tracking map of this month. Very tough for these guys to make it all the way to the gulf to effect energy prices. Once crude stablizes, natgas coming off like a prom dress.
Gapping is correct. The local weather people estimate 5-7 days before getting to the SE US and is on a track north of the last two hurricanes this summer that hit Central America. However, it looks like a cold front may beat the storm and push it away from the coast. Time will tell.
Well currently the cunt is tracking West Northwest and as long as it is not pushed down it should make it across into the gulf. Don't get me wrong its going to be a few days until we know more but still its looking like the most promising this year.
Harry the Horse definately # 1 comment on ntri
the meeting probably started at 12. giving the rats time to talk to the weasles. it was over by noon-fifteen.
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